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Hotel code?

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Hi there, all the information is on the website.



The code is GHUNA


This is the information off the website



The event venue is the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel. The hotel is situated near to the Birmingham International Airport, and is in the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) complex.



The hotel has a number of facilities on site including ATM machines, a beauty salon, a gift shop, a fitness room, swimming pool, solarium, and a news stand. There is also a lounge bar open 24 hours a day.



Room price for twin occupancy is £86.40 including VAT and breakfast.

Room price for single occupancy is £72 including VAT and breakfast.



We have negotiated with the hotel to get you an amazing discount on the room rates, you will only be able to get this reduced rate by booking directly through us. You can book your room using the online booking method or via the phone. When you are booking by phone please ensure that you use the following code:



. For online booking see below:



CLICK HERE to book online!




If you need to book your room via telephone, the contact number is 0121-780-4242, but please be sure to quote the room code: "GHUNA" to ensure you still get the reduced room rate!!!

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Too Tall explained it somewhere once before really well, but do you think I can find it?
This :poki:


ME have an allocation of rooms at the event hotel that they are required to sell. When attendees book rooms at the event hotel but do not use the event code their room is not included in the shows allocation.


These rooms could make the difference between the show meeting it's allocation and not. And if the show doesn't met the allocation they have to pay for these extra rooms. That is money that could be spent on the event, like on guests or parties etc.

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