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  1. I'm annoyed at all these great announcements as there's so many guests I want to meet
  2. Just wondering if Dayo, Leven + Jaquline are gonna be on the pre order service. I have DofE training this weekend so unfotunately cannot attend The problem is all 3 with personalisations will be quite pricey which I'd be happy in person but when not meeting I don't know if I can afford them. Thanks
  3. I got the poster, sticker and bag but the USB Stick + Watch have to be ordered online
  4. Oh you work at a smiths? My dad works at the headquarters and they gave away free Harry potter Lego!
  5. I'm not a fan of The Walking Dead but I have seen other conventions where Madison Lintz from The Walking Dead Her mum + Sister are both in The Hunger Games!
  6. Any Hunger Games Guests? Paula Malcomson who plays mrs Everdeen lives in Irland More Harry Potter guests? I will be attending but at the moment there's no guests I wanna meet. !
  7. I've only done 1 premiere before this . Harry Potter! At Trafalgur square , trying to work out how the premieres at 02 work . Do the crowds stand inside?
  8. If they held it in Wiltshire they could include a trip to Lacock to see Lily + James's House, Proffeser Slughorn's house and lot's more. The Abbey do group passes so SM could get a great discount
  9. Actually it's more expensive than going direct!
  10. That's only a saving of like £5 ? , the price on the website is £83 per night for a double? Have I got something wrong?
  11. Met her at EMS and she was lovely , was her sister's birthday I think. Great guest but Glasgow is just too far from the south
  12. This is looking so good, Now all you need is Rue + Cato and you have all the best tributes! Shame it's so expensive for me to go but I wish I could!
  13. Will's Dad from the Inbetweeners Maybe you could get his daughter to come , Emily I think it is as she plays Carli D Mato
  14. Realistic : Christopher Eccleston Dream: Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Alan Rickman , Any one from HP! Super Dream : J K Rowling
  15. I just hope it's a Potter guest as at the moment I really wanna go to this event as they're great fun but I can hardly go for no guests so please be potter / Sherlock guest?!?
  16. I think Emma Watson's new movie is out close to this time so she may be doing promotion ? Helena Bonham Carter , Maggie Smith, Christopher Eccleston, Kenneth Branagth, David Thewlis! Argh there'a so many HP actors it could be !
  17. If there's a couple more Sherlock guests then ai will have to attend! This event is 3 hours away from me but Sherlock will make me do anything!
  18. How old do you have to be to be there without an adult? Me and my friend are 14 and can only really go by ourselves as our parents arn't willing to pay £88 to stay the weekend. Would we be able to come to the event by ourselves? Also what times will the activities begin and end each day? Maybe we could stay on a campsite nearby with our families just dropping us off?
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