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I was sat in an armchair examining my fingernails. They were clean, despite the fact I’d just been feeding. There wasn’t a spot of blood on me. I was a clean eater. I looked up into the mirror and two blood red eyes and a pale face looked back at me.

I’d decided I loved who I was, what I could do. Being me was fun. Being a vampire is fun.

I’d decided I wasn’t going to be depressed anymore. It was pointless. Of course I’d still try and win Aro over. He’d not been satisfied with what I could do, well not truly satisfied, I mean he pretends to be impressed but I can tell he’s thinking about her and about how he wants her to join us. Ugh the very thought of her joining us and us and her becoming just us. It made me ill. Aro would absorb himself in desperately trying to get inside her brain. She’d be his favourite she’d be the best he’d show her off and not me.

Who cares what Aro thinks? Actually I care. A lot. Stupid Volturi, Stupid Bella and Stupid me. Why did I care so much, well I still do.

I looked up in the mirror again. My pale face was framed in short brown ringlets and I had wide, dark red eyes set deep in my face. I sighed as my thoughts wondered back to Bella. I look better than her too I thought selfishly.

This was getting ridiculous. I’d been thinking about Bella for days, comparing myself to her, thinking about her. I couldn’t stand her, I couldn’t stand thinking about her anymore. I don’t think vampires can get ill physically, but I knew I was ill mentally and it was all because of her. It was making me truly ill to think of her, I hadn’t been talking to anyone either. Even Alec had picked up on my illness as a few days ago he had commented that I “look awful†and Aro thankfully did still care about me as, although I had tried to avoid contact with him, when he’d brushed past me in the hall he had said “Jane dear one don’t worry,†Just thinking about my masters reassuring words now made me warm inside and I smiled. I didn’t need to think about her and I wouldn’t. Not now, there’s no need to worry now, but when she’s turned maybe then I’ll panic…a lot.


By Sarah Todd

Age 15

Edited by _Sarah-Twilight_

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