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  1. Soraya

    Who else caught Peter's cold?

    Ha ha, my voice cracked after i got the peter flu lol and i was like 'there's the crack' but only i got it
  2. lol, poor you! justin made me up a song! he is sooo funny :) Ha ha thanks thats really sweet that he made a song for you!
  3. Soraya

    well that was amazing

    Thank you guys I had an amazing time :)
  4. OMG yes! When I was getting my picture taken with Justin i triped over into him and he was like whooaaaaa and laughing. :D I felt to stupid haha
  5. Soraya


    Ha thanks dear but I'm not that good!
  6. Soraya

    La Push Beach Party

  7. Soraya

    Latest Guest announcement

    WOW can't wait
  8. Soraya

    Younger Attendees?

    Phew at least i am not the only one lacking a 1901 outfit, I must shop!!!
  9. Soraya

    La Push Beach Party

    I want to dress up as an indian because i thought i would be fun but i dont want to be the only one and me look really stupid :/ If you are dressing up as one or you know if not alot of people are dressing as indians can you please message me thanks (confused lol) I'm dressing up as an Indian!! Please say you still are?! I'm not actually sure how I'm gonna go about doing it yet - I figure I'm gonna have to get some material from the market.. and maybe some feathers? Ooh, I could even cut some fringing into the material and then pair it up with some boots. I can't wait!!! Great! Wow i can finally start feeling less nervous about what I will wear. Thank you guys for writing back it has really helped me :)
  10. Soraya

    Younger Attendees?

    Hehe I did the same, I said to my friend Sarah i am getting worried that my ticket hasn't come and she said yes it has, it was that letter you got. I was like OMG so i called my mum straight away and she said she nearly threw it away but kept it just incase. Phew lol
  11. Soraya


    Awww how sweet! Nice idea with Renesmee's P.O.V by the way
  12. Soraya


    Wow, I love it Go SARAH WOOOOP
  13. Soraya


    Aww thank you thats really sweet
  14. Soraya


  15. Soraya

    What are you wearing to the Parties?

    Oh right thanks very much, sorry about that