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Helen Slater

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I've started this thread about Helen Slater, as the other thread about her was started before the event happened therefore contains a lot of pre-event posts.


Helen was my main reason for coming to this event and I wasn't disapointed with the experience of meeting her on the Saturday.


I was so nervous about meeting her and I didn't speak to her long, but she seemed nice and was happy to answer my questions about a possible Supergirl SE (nothing is on the cards it seems, despite the rumours).



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Helen was a fabulous guest. She was so nice and chatty, despite an awkward moment of forgetfulness on my part. She was only too happy to vogue it up and the picture is gorgeous!

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Huh? There was a 2 disc extended version released a couple of years back on region 1.


Well it was about 7 years ago now! It's the International Cut (with commentary), Director's Cut, vintage Making of and trailers etc.


It's a nice package, but it's rather ticky to get hold of now and only available as Region 1, I brought mine off eBay a few years ago.


Since Warner Brothers brought the rights to the film it was believed a new DVD was been put together for the Superman Boxset, instead they re-issued Anchor Bay's International Cut with the commentary although I do believe a framing issue was resolved.


I'm glad it was released over here, but a couple of new extra features would have been nice.

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