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Hi, sorry, not too sure whether this is the right place to post this but here goes! I visited LFACC on Saturday and saw a stall selling the "Gentle Giant CloneWars Yoda Maquette" for £25 but totally forgot to go back there and get it before I left (they had about 5 on display!) Anybody bought one and could tell me what the stall was called or where they are based as I still want to buy one. Thanks for any help.

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I also missed a bargain.


Dealer, if you were the company selling the 26" Bride Of Chucky 'Tiffany' doll please let me know.


You had one left, unboxed at a discount price and I forgot to come back and buy it.


Do you have a website or a shop where I can purchase one of these?





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if i remember correctly, the one with the small yoda maquette was called "The Cinema Store"


i go there everytime i'm in london, a bit of an expensive place and surpised they slashed so many of their prices down for the con. i'm not sure if you'll still be able to get it for £25 though




give them a try, negotiate and tell us how it goes (i actually wanted one too...)



and i actually saw this on the same day went i went into central london for a quick break from the madness of earl's court




seemed fitting to post it here, note the little yoda to it left and imagine the actual SIZE





btw sorry can't help you with the tiffany, i didn't see it


EDITTED to remove number and email. Sorry we can not have advertising of other store/events on the forum.


tanusspijek feel free to post your email for yikhai to send you the info

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Funny? i thought that statue of Yoda one was outside Forbidden Planet not Cinema Store! but you can make out the reflection in the photo, so it could be either one really.


Nice picture anyways.



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Megafan, you're right, large yoda is outside forbidden planet london, just saying that the stall that was selling yoda for £25 on saturday was the Cinema Store stall.

i took that photo on saturday because i had a camera on hand and thought it looked pretty cool.


sorry about the info post, my bad. my email is yikhai(at)hotmail.com if you want the details

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Thanks Yikhai! I knew that I wasn't the only one that must have saw that bargin, thought due to them having about 7 on the stall, I'd go back later and pick one up but didn't remember until I'd nearly got home! I'll try their shop, thanks for the info!

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Rang the cinema shop and it was them at the show but they would only do the yoda maquette for £30 and wouldn't drop the price so I don't think I'll bother unless I see them at Collectormainia and its £25. Thanks anyway guys!

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i wanted a tiffany doll too!! was gutted i didnt get one but managed to get seed of chuck on usa dvd!! woooo

Cool, do you happen to remember which stall you saw it on? Really want a 26" Tiffany doll.


Already have all the small ones (movie maniacs) and a 19" chucky and tiff.


Also got Seed Of Chucky. It's not as good as the rest of the series. It's a totally different film alltogether, well you will see what I mean when you watch it. Got my copy region 3 when it was in the cinemas here. check out CDWOW website.



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Hope it's ok to post in this topic, as it seems to fit my question (first time poster and all...)


Does anyone have contact details for a CCG and Trading Card Seller at LFCC3. They were based near the yellow truck and they always have a camcorder going with a sign "smile, you're on camera".


I picked up a business card from the guy and I can't find it!!


Great Show BTW Guys, although the wallet took a bit of a hammering! :huh:

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