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New Guest Announcement - Paul Norell

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Met him at C5 - very friendly and loves meeting his fans :lol::P

I met him at an event this past weekend and I totally agree with you ! He is VERY friendly and DOES love meeting his fans!!!!


If you haven't met him please do! He is sooooooo nice! :D

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Another Lord of the Rings guest and another auto on my extended DVDs.


Erm....any chance of a picture as I am unsure of what he played.




That means I need to get more money, SM you could make me bankrupt after this weekend.


Only joking.



king of the dead, in the 3rd movie, fabulous man great smile and talks a lot but is so fascinating that you forget where you are !we swapped places to visit he told me about new zealand some non touristy places and itold him some good places to go in scotland


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