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  1. Yes this is awesome - my fav dr companion growing up! nice one sms
  2. wow it must have been cold - poor old louise is is wrapped up to the nines!
  3. Anyone follow her on twitter? She def isn't a U certificate - but she is hilarious and tweets quite a lot.
  4. Im no scrubs fan but a large amount of people would trample over any famous genre actor to meet him - he is fairly massive
  5. Agreed - been waiting on any con in the U.K to get her for years! great news that she is coming to LFACC
  6. haha I know EXACTLY which item you mean - that got pulled from the ebay auction for being so unique - it eventually went for £600. Would be ace to get Rach at one of these events one day. A photo shoot with her and keeley would be amazing!
  7. Thats great - is this the first one she has done? sounds like she was quite interested in collecting and why people do it. Not a harry potter fan but love a lot of her other film/tv work. She is great at replying to fan mail -wrote her a while back and she signed back the trainspotting pic i sent, plus an agency shot and a hand written letter answering my questions! Glad to hear she was just as great in person.
  8. Really wanted to come down and meet her - but can't afford signing events at the moment. She has a huge CV of some ace work. Just wondered what she was like from the people who met her and what did you ask her? Thanks
  9. fugaziuk


    Clear your schedule and make sure you catch this at the cinema while you can. The most stylish film of the year, an incredible soundtrack, amazing central performance from Gosling - tis def up there with the best of 2012.
  10. Wow sounds like you two did get on!
  11. Just read on Danielle Harris twitter Just wondering what the contacts are for her to get in contact with the mighty showmasters? For those who don't know Danielle Harris is famous for all kinds of horror roles, mainly playing Jamie Llyod in Halloween 4+5. She also played Annie Brackett in Rob Zombie's Halloween 1+2.
  12. Sorry to be anal - but Tyson has done a tour of after dinner speaking events in the U.K before. Where you could get photos, autos etc - which was still pricey. But my point is he isn't as rare as say Harrison Ford etc.
  13. those dates in june sound pretty good to me
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