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  1. Why not? Just wondering why Colchester was selected. Is it likely to stay there for future events? Its going to be difficult to get there from Birmingham.
  2. As I have said on another thread that appears to have disappeared, I think it is very unlikely that MK will return. It looks like Showmasters may have deleted links to the past events. Very sad if true. It was probably the best and most accessible event on the calender.
  3. Surely some announcement would have been made by now? Cant see it happening which will be a very sad thing.
  4. Just a quick word of praise for Mickey Hazard who turned up today in a wheelchair despite having an operation yesterday I believe. A real trooper and Spurs through and through.
  5. Not really surprised that neither Perrymzn or Crooks turned up. I was surprised to see them announced in the first place and based that on my decision to stay for the weekend. Very disappointed. I dont think Crooks has ever done one ofbthese things before so maybe it was likely he would cancel. As for Stevie P, I've given up ever meeting him as has cancelled a few times when I was due to see him. Probably my last visit to MK Collectormania. Everyone at the Double Tree hotel were great and what a room and view of the pitch? Fantastic accommodation and worth going for that reason alone
  6. Would like to see Catherine Schell join Garrick at an event. A bit of an Adventurer reunion.
  7. Well his website was updated on Friday stating that all appearances for the remainder of the year have been cancelled. Not surprising as it could take years rather than months for Jim to recover. I just pray that he can get well first and foremost. Genuinely nice guy and football legend.
  8. Sadly, Jimmy has suffered a severe stroke and is intensive care. I'm sure Showmasters will amend their appearance page. Wishing Jim all the very best. Keep fighting!
  9. Doesnt look promising does it? Wont be too surprised to see Paul drop out to be honest.
  10. If any of the team were to drop out prior to the event, would it be amended at the top of the thread? Ta.
  11. Many thanks for the info. Looking forward to meeting him....hopefully!
  12. I presume a virtual ticket will be required for Gazza, or can you just simply queue up for him?
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