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  1. Oh my God...I have just ran around shouting oh my God...kids wondering what was up. Possibly the most excited I have ever got over Bond guest....PLEASE PLEASE turn up.....Arrrgggghhhhhh..
  2. Darn 2 very late and last minute cancellations on the main and biggest Bond guests (Vijay flying from LA - surely they must of advised sooner than 10.30pm as they would of left in the morning??) . Very frustrating. Left travel arrangements and accommodation until last minute and this wasn't enough. Let's hope the guests make the effort to come back after our personal arrangements are effected (I have to bargain with costly bribes to my wife to be allowed out to these events) and financial loss incurred.
  3. Wishing Belle gets better soon. Last minute disappointment again for her (uncontrollable I know). Having to make the journey for just one big Bond guest (Vijay) now. Bah!
  4. Brilliant, this guy was on my wish list! I even thought of hanging around Wimbledon to catch this guy (his son was playing a couple of years back and he was doing some commentary for a US channel).
  5. Amazing guest - Thank you!!!! I wonder how many times Sean 'had' to practise wipping off that top!
  6. I was quite scared of meeting him but what a lovely guest. Great to have someone so chatty about the time in Bond film too. Wish I had asked him why he had a beard though!
  7. An absolute gem of a Bond guest. Absolutely amazing and I mean amazing. Well done this will be a big pull in for punters. Before anyone else begs for Putter - no chance. I am sure Autographica will confirm they have tried with no success. My friend spoke with him last year and he just about got some signed autographs off him. He also confirmed he had stopped doing autographs through the post now too. He wants to have nothing to do from his acting days - not fond memories I'm afraid. All into his Jazz club circuit in the US.
  8. A Bond guest announcement is always good news. I need to see and remind what part in Moonraker she played as the Russian. If anyone knows roughly where in the movie and the scene to speed things up. It may be too smaller part (like pool girl) to make me part with my money.
  9. fan dabby dozy. Well done. Keep those NEW Bond guests a coming please....
  10. Please Please book Yaphet. I will CHERish that autograph (thought I would join in slightly)
  11. Yes definately try for Yaphet and even Barbara too. Was so disappointed (along with many others with Yaphet cancelling). Hopefully Autographica, with their usual persistence, will get him.
  12. Wow! I was hoping for a last minute Bond guest and what a corker too!
  13. At the drinks reception, do any of the guests attend? If so who's planned? I am not expecting them to be signing early, just hoping for more time to chat with them.
  14. Hope they push for Michael Lonsdale. He went to Cairns film festival last year (or the year before - He had a film out) so he is still mobile. It's whether he's against coming to the UK though.
  15. Brilliant. Brilliant. Had an email reply from her not so long ago. So glad I will get to meet her and get a personal autograph. No need for a second best TTM one.
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