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  1. tombennett91


    oh ok thanks that's plenty of time then :)
  2. tombennett91


    What time do the signings stop at? Does it differ for each guest? I was planning or 430 but i wasn't sure if that was too late or not...
  3. tombennett91

    Latest Guest Announcement: Oliver Smith

    Damn i'm excited now
  4. tombennett91

    New Convention for 2009

    Smallville (not bothered though) Aliens please! Lost No horor thing then?
  5. tombennett91

    Michael Biehn For LFCC 2008

    Give me a pulse rifle....
  6. tombennett91

    Michael Biehn For LFCC 2008

    Best actor ever!
  7. tombennett91


    What's FFF? And woah anyone else realise that GUNNAR HANSEN (leatherface) is gong to C14!!! YAY!
  8. tombennett91

    Loving the Alien Quadrilogy guests

    Alien 3 AC is awsome!!! Anyway yeah get Michael here as well, i don't care if he wasn't in Alien3, his character is in at least 2 of the alien movies, and only 2 other characters besides Ripley has ever been in more then one alien film.
  9. tombennett91

    Loving the Alien Quadrilogy guests

    Charles S Dutton would be awsome! Dillion was great in that film.
  10. tombennett91

    Any chance of a One Tree Hill con?

    What about a conbination of the two? One Tree O.C.?
  11. tombennett91


    Danielle Harris
  12. tombennett91

    horror convention

    I agree with you Kronos. Yeah C12 really wasn't horror themed.....
  13. tombennett91

    horror convention

    I'm still hoping...
  14. tombennett91

    There should be these halloween guests coming

    Danielle Harris!