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  1. salchli

    Freema for Hub 6

    I'll give you a vote. I'd like to find out how she likes doing Law & Order.
  2. salchli

    Guest suggestions

    Since he'll be at the Hub 6 the previous week.... James Marsters! And Juliet Landau or Gareth David Lloyd and group photos with them, please!
  3. salchli

    James Marsters at Hub 6!

    May 20-22 in Northampton.
  4. salchli

    James Marsters at Hub 6!

    Excellent news!
  5. salchli

    next collectormania guest wants

    Anyone who wanted James Marsters on his/her want list, should stop hoping. He's doing a con in Phoenix in the USA that weekend.
  6. salchli

    James Masters Photo Session

    Please Log In to FaceBook first. I've got most of my James Photo-ops on my FaceBook Page. This should give you some ideas!
  7. salchli

    Ticket transfers/upgrades

    I have a question as to why Showmasters doesn't allow this? Why can't the guest just give it back to you, and then you re-sell it? Then you'd know who won't be there, and that the slot would be filled. Same thing with upgrades. True, you'd have to keep a "waiting list," but that shouldn't be too much extra effort. If there is a concern of scalipng, that solution is simple; you'd only allowed to buy up to X spaces.
  8. salchli

    James Performing?

    I think having James do something like that is kind of tacky. In the USA there's the old analogy of like hosting a party and bringing out the slides of your recent vacation and forcing the guests to watch. If James were to hang out at the party, which I kind of doubt, I'd just let him have a good time, rather than being forced to perform.
  9. salchli

    Extra Posed Photos / Negatives

    Something I thought of... At US conventions, I've noticed that the photographers develop the photos themselves, and do not use an outside service for printing. Maybe that's why it's so common over here.
  10. salchli

    Extra Posed Photos / Negatives

    I think the reason people keep asking about second copies/JPegs is because it's basically standard practice in the USA to offer said service. Also bear in mind that in the USA, prices are higher, so the volume for the photographer is lower, so s/he has more time to said service. OOC, why are photos overseas 6" X 9"?
  11. salchli

    Poll for my curiosity:

    This is just for my curiosity, and is not associated with ShowMasters/Massive Events in any way!
  12. salchli

    James Marsters Gigs!

    I was at the events this weekend. Union Chapel was AWESOME (got a second row seat). The MarstersClass was a riot. James & Gareth doing scenes from Buffy & Torchwood wrong was hysterical! The concert that evening was great. I got one of the picks James threw into the audience. The 100 Club gig was AWESOME and I got him to play "No Promises!" Stephen
  13. salchli

    Who have you met ?

    I saw your Twitter postings. How's the fair going? Just found out, work won't give me the weekend off!
  14. salchli


    I'll be in London (4th time to the UK) next weekend (next weekend ALREADY!?!) for James' events. I'm from the US also. Talked to work, they're not sure if I can have Halloween weekend off yet. Stephen
  15. salchli

    Who have you met ?

    Re: James Marsters James HAS a girlfriend, and they have been together for 5 years. People I've met: Toronto 2005: James Marsters, Kevin Sorbo, Margot Kidder Long Beach 2006: Tony Todd, Steve DeKnight, Jane Espenson, Mercedes McNab, David Fury Burbank 2007: Too many to list (Gold Pass Holder, got to meet everyone!) CollectorMania's: See my signature Atlanta 2007: Juliet Landau, Elisabeth Rohm Erie 2008: Adrienne Barbeau Cardiff 2007: Catherine Tregenna, Gareth David-Lloyd Burbank 2008: Richard Keil, Roxann Dawson, Brent Spiner Atlanta 2008: Linda Blair, Jeremy Bulloch, Brad Dourif