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  1. Hi Kerry, you are never alone at an ET convention! I am also from Wirral! :-) see you there!
  2. Fabulous! Any guests are fine and we all know that you get great value for money from massive events! Thank you soooo much vor listening To the fans and for putting on an event for all your loyal followers and hopefully some newbies too! See you in the new year! :-)
  3. As a first time stall holder at Comic Con's I have to say the venue was ideal for me and the response was great! I loved the atmosphere in the place and thought the staff did a tremendous job overal. I would love them to come up to Liverpool and do an event here :-) Hope to do many more Cons in future :-)
  4. He was very kind and signed my friend....he was very impressed with her Tattoo of him :-) She has now got the signiture tattooed too :-)
  5. Mabye it should just be called a Fanpire Show and then it is fans of all kinds! I like the idea of a mix.
  6. Wish her all the best and hopefully meet her somewhere else!
  7. I take it is still ok to buy at the con? I have just found out that I can come!
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