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    Best Event of the Year so far.....

    For me only having met DT at the stage door after having seen him on stage in "Much Ado ABout Nothing", this was a great opportunity to get close to the Tenth Doctor. Plus having both Anthony Head and Mark Benton, well it was a unique opportunity that could not be passed on. And a key aspect, as mentioned, was that everything ran so smoothly, it can make so much of a difference.
  2. Well...it has to be said. This weekend has been phenomenal. I attended an event earlier this year and I and others felt it was the best event we had ever been to, and we have been to many. However hot on the heels of that event comes "THE LORDS OF TIME"....and it really delivered. I cannot thank Jason, Paul and the team at Showmasters enough. All the guests were amazing, but to have David Tennant, at what I believe is his first Convention, then to be followed by Mark Benton and Anthony Head, well it doesn't get much better than that...but yes it does. There was a fantastic guest list. I got everything signed I wanted and all the studio photos I wanted, which I must admit I felt that I may miss out on a few with potentially big queues for David, but with some good organisation, it was done. And a mention to all the stewards who were really friendly and very helpful. It was especially nice to see an event with the likes of David and Anthony, and yet not have it flooded with attendees. A lot of organisers could have milked it for all its worth, but from the start, it was said that this would be an nice intimate event, and it REALLY worked. So to sum, I think the topic title says it all, got to chat with some great fellow attendees, heard some great stories from the guests, and have many memories of a fantastic weekend with "The Lords of Time". THANK YOU SO MUCH SHOWMASTERS
  3. AdamCarter

    How is everyone's weekend going?

    Awesome day, all auto's I wanted, 4 photo shoots, 1 guest encounter with Mark Benton, and won three things in the auction. Roll on Sunday
  4. AdamCarter

    Registration Letters

    Thank you so much for those wordly pearls of wisdom. So kind.....it is very much appreciated
  5. AdamCarter

    Registration Letters

    Hi there, Just wondered, I purchased my SIlver ticket on Saturday morning (Sept 1st), will there be time for the order to be processed? I know that re. registration I can bring the email and some photo ID, but I have checked and the cost has not been debited from my account yet. It could just be a case of there are still quite a few orders to be processed, but would welcome some wordly wisdom from yourselves....
  6. AdamCarter

    Ticket Availability

    With buying a ticket so close to the event, if there is insufficient time to be posted, presumably the process is one collects the ticket and pack at the Registration Desk? Looking forward to next weekend
  7. Hi there I am hoping someone can help. I am needing some info on a few past Autographica events, and hope someone can enlighten me. I attended three events, one was in Northampton May 17th 2002, another was I believe in 2003, guests included Shirley Eaton, Gunnar Hansen and Tippi Hedren, and the third event was November 22nd 2003 in Coventry. Can anyone supply the date of the second event please, and also does anyone have a full list of guests for each of the three events? If anyone can help, I would be so grateful Thanks in advance David