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  1. My dream TV guests would be Superboy Guests from the 80s tv series which im sadly obsessed with. Stacy Haiduk - Lana Lang Gerard Christopher - Superboy (season two - four) John Newton - Superboy (season one) James Calvert - TJ White Thanks
  2. when will there ever be a good smallville convention????? theres a certain uk company thats down it before and have got the main guests! please show master for the love of god can we have some of these guests at either a smallville convention or at least at london film or collectormania. all together if possible like youve done with Red Dwarf in the past.. heres my wish list.....im gonna be realistic and not say Tom Welling or Terence Stamp FYI Erica Durance Laura Vandervort Michael Rosenbaum Kristen Kreuk Alison mack John Schneider Annette O'toole John Glover Sam Jones 3 (he followers my twitter so i could ask him for you) Cassidy Freeman Sam Whitwer (he could promote Force Unleashed 2 while he here : ) ) Justin Hartley Jensen Ackles And all the Justice League, Justice Society of America and Legion of superhero actors and actresses i think thats everyone?? oh and a none smallville guest but superman related BRING BACK BRANDON!! : )
  3. Oh no, what a shame! Thanks for the reply Mark, have a good day.
  4. Just wanted to know will mike do normal photos I.e non photo op photos when getting his autograph,because they are now sold out. Sorry to use this as a topic, just desperate to know. Cheers
  5. nick frost and simon pegg from shaun of the dead would be cool!
  6. A few times i walked passed a few guest and thought shall get their autograph or not and have regreted it that i didnt when i got home, the main one would be simon pegg and nick frost, i knew who they where but hadnt seen Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz and watched them a few months later and now i love them!!! i very much doubt they will be back : ( Heres my regrets of not getting certain auto's: Simon Pegg Nick Frost Burt Reynolds The guy who played flash Gordon Peter Mayhew David Prowse Edward Furlong my list will be quite long so i wont bore you, have you guys got anyone you walked by and regret you didnt get?
  7. Linda Hamilton for me! this is the second time i missed her : (
  8. Brilliant!!! i was watching the new Never Sleep Again documentry the other day and was thinking wouldnt be awsome to get this guest!!!!! how weird, you must have read my my mind showmaster!!! would be so awsome to have a few elm street guest from dream warriors if possible please : )
  9. does anyone know if chris is signing saturday yet?? on the online shop it just says photo for sunday.
  10. cant wait to meet him, such a big spin city fan!! if you want to know some intresting info about spin city Randal Winston is also the name of the producer of the show ; )
  11. oh my god, i used to be madly in love with her in the 80s!!!!! i hope im not too pathetic when i meet her : (
  12. I recieved my john saxon photo op ticket today, i know this gets asked a million times a day but will it get automatically funded back or can i trade the ticket for another on the day? Many Thanks
  13. Does anyone know if i can swop my john saxon photo ticket on the day if it comes through the post that is for a doug bradley ticket or another guest? or will it just get refunded straight away?
  14. if we cant have photo op, hope we can have one with her while she signs, fingers crossed some guest dont like any photos at all : (
  15. Do we pay for elm street talk? Sorry if someone has already asked this but I'm using my iPhone and it's giving me a tough time of it, won't load the pages properly : (
  16. Can we have TUESDAY KNIGHT Please from Elm Street 4 for the elm street reunion!! she was the prettiest elm street babe!! Just checked her list of work on IMDB and didnt relize how much she's been in specially HEROES, dont remeber her in that will have to watch that episode again. What you think guys? http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0461110/
  17. UK Quad is awsome!!!! http://www.impawards.com/1984/nightmare_on...treet_ver3.html Im getting myn from amazon!! £5.99 would like to get my hands on an elm street poster that they all can sign, it would be weird if Lisa wilcox signed it when she wasnt in it : (
  18. oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you so much show master its a dream come true!!! no pun intended : )
  19. sign me up, few of the old skoolers would be nice Jack Larson, Noel Neil and the 2 guys that played Superboy in the 80's and early 90's TV shows which they still havnt released season 2,3 and 4 on dvd i might add!!!!
  20. brilliant!!!! ive missed this guy so many times at the cons, another star wars actor to cross off my list!! just harrison ford,anthony daniels left now and ive got all the main characters from the original trilogy!!!!
  21. cool love kenny he's so nice and really chatty about star wars and the movies he's done. very cool guest!
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