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  1. kbran

    David Tennant Photo Ops

    i had no probs either just mega excited and wanna see fright night now lol xx
  2. kbran

    Paying at door

    its gonna leave me bankrupt PMSL and yes its for sunday i know i will have to book now thanks for the help
  3. damn i was sold when SPF was announced and Edward Furlong but this has just topped it off i have never met anyone i am crazy about lol this has revived my faith in show masters YAY
  4. i want Sept over now lol
  5. OMFG got my photo shoot gonna be bankrupt but im happy and very very giddy :D:D:D Im gonna be broke but DILLIGAF NOPE Dt all the way LOL
  6. kbran

    Paying at door

    Can we pay at the door for entry???
  7. kbran

    Latest Guest Announcement - LAURA VANDERVOORT

    think i may show up lol
  8. kbran

    David tennant

    it would be nice to meet him PWEASE the god of collectormania
  9. this one made me s*** myself no we need Amy Jo Johnson to come over too :):) Please showmasters
  10. kbran

    latest Guest Announcement Slavitza Jovan

    my sister would s*** herself
  11. kbran


    isnt he in babys day out LOL
  12. kbran

    Karl Urban

    to see him would be ace
  13. kbran

    Zachary Quinto Pweeeeeze

    spock himself would be great
  14. kbran

    how about David Tenant

    well he aint dr who anymore so im sure he allowed