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  1. Sadly, Buzz and the Boys are all getting on... Tom Stafford is 88 and Frank Borman 90... plus WW2 and Korean veterans are of a similier age group. But still there's plenty of Shuttle era and still some SR-71 crews plus military personnel from recent conflicts... Plus F1 and other sports for those so dispossesed... ;o)
  2. Even if I got one astronaut or SR-71 pilot autograph, I enjoyed a wander around the stands and meeting people and chatting. Our Lass would have a coffee and later we would go to London and see some sights and have sum nosh. It always made a great weekend. The NEC events we would just make a day of it.
  3. Am missing Autographica, always looked forward to Our Lass and me making trips to The Raddison and The Hilton... Come on Showmaster's lets have one in 2019... ;o)
  4. Hi Gang, any news about any forthcoming Autographica events for this year? In the past when the March event(s) where up and coming we had some news in January. Hope alls well, bests vDE
  5. Just watching 'Dara O'Briain meets Stephen Hawking'... a brilliant program about a brilliant man... How about having the great Professor himself at a Autographica? am sure the astronomers/Spacefans/Geeks and Nerds amongst us would like to meet Professor Hawking... I would...
  6. I thought it was a cracking little event, even though I could only stay for about an hour... Jerry signed me 'big blue book' and I noticed his book for sale for £60 so raided a card and I got it and he signed it for me. Had a quick chat... 'How on earth did you manage seven flights?' (me) 'dedication' (he replied) 'They certainly can not take that list from you' and he laughed... his book looks great, loved the picture of his Honda C90! BTW - had to dash as I was going to Stanley Gibbons Stamp shop in the Strand, got a pile of Soviet space stamps, then went to the little market in Piccadilly and picked up two very nice Yuri Gagarin badges... Well done to the Autographica team for arranging this, its much appreciated, Best wishes all, see yer in September! vDE
  7. Sad news to hear of the passing of Leonard Nimoy... Always liked him, seemed a nice chap von Dawson's Express
  8. Excellent gnus Dave, will get booked up, looking forward to this mini-Autographica... Take care gang, Bests von Dawson's Express
  9. Thank you Dave, much appreciated, sounds like its going to be a great mini-Autographica! Looking foreword to it!
  10. To those in charge... Any chance of some confirmation of what's going on at the 'mini'-Autographica in April, as I need to do some bookings ie rail, day-off work and hotel type stuff... ;o) thank you in advance... keep up the good work von Dawson's Express
  11. Surprised at the 'faults' with the lectures, some astronomical societies have two lap tops, check everything before hand and run a slick show...
  12. Mmmmm.... 'the glass is half full or half empty, or more likely who's been drinking my beer?' I thought this years second Autographica very good. I got the six auto's I wanted - I wanted/got Tom Stafford (about 6 punters in front), Jack Loosma (again about 6 punters), the two UFO girls and SR-71 chaps. It was very relaxed and after a trip of some 150 miles (I consider it a local) I found everything I needed. Got the Earlybird ticket and was done by 11-ish. Thing is about queues - if some one you want has a queue go to someone else you want with out a queue. And work around the room. Tom Stafford seemed more relaxed this time (and cheaper!) he signed my 'We Have Capture' and held it up with out prompting when I asked for a pic. This I found very gracious of him and sporting (I saw he had his gold Speedy...). up next the SR-71 guys, I couldn't get away, they where very chatty and wanted to tell me allsorts, just wish I had more time (The Blackbird community are well worth collecting) The two UFO girls where a great hoot, had a laugh with them. Jack's queue was about 6 long in front of me, and although some folk chatted may be a bit longer than necessary I wasn't fussed. I saw/heard Al Warden say to Ed Gibson 'why the miserable face?' that was funny. I watched Vance Brand - he didn't look well and his writing hand/wrist was strapped up. I guess it reinforced that these guys are not getting any younger sadly... Jack was brilliant, signed me book (a little concerned he used a black marker as it bled slightly through the page to Jim Lovell's auto, would have preferred a ball point) he was interested in my book and when I flicked the page he commented that he had had dinner with the Lovell's only last week. I think and its a personal thing, that perhaps we had tooooo much at previous Autographicas and perhaps these last few have been pitched at the right level. Plenty of room, airy rooms with places to stand and chat - all in all I was in there about 2-1/2 hours. Carparking at a tenner and use of the cash machine at 1.75 was a bit steep. I'll be back next year, just got to collect more scape metal and vane evilbay for dosh and funds! well done Showmasters with out you guys I wouldn't have 46 astronauts in one book... Thank You... Oh, I used a camera with out flash, I guess the guests must get a bit tired of super novea going of in there face all day. My Fuji has a stacking facility and as long as the subject keeps very still it gives brillent results. Got to check them on the tin-brain... ;o)
  13. FWiW, here's a few area's for idea's.... How about land and sea speed record holders? Apollo 12 check list Playboy Bunny's? Certainly any Apollo era astronauts? Soviet/Russian cosmonauts would be great but some how I don't think we'll see any... ESA/Japan/Canada astronauts? more SR-71 crew... Falklands Island War vets? One group who would be great to meet and its the team who worked on Prospero and Britain's rocket launchers, they never get a mention....
  14. We have no hope in hell having Russian cosmonauts come over - not while there's this spat in the Ukraine and even then it won't happen. The RAF and Navy are intercepting Russian asset's all the time in the North Sea and Atlantic, guess the good old days are over... Shame really would love to met Valentina Tereshkova... Apollo astronauts? What's the average age of them guys now? must be well in the 80's... I guess Buzz Aldrin will make another appearance, especially now his ex-wife is suing him... I'd like to see astronauts who never flew in space - Helen Sharman's team, the Skynet astronauts, Apollo 12 cuff list Playboy Bunnies... I certainly enjoy collecting the SR-71 pilot autographs, there's a good area worth studying... Bests von Dawson's Express
  15. 70 items!?!? I work for a major orgainsation and have to sign loads of forms, after about 10+ my wrist aches, what did Al Bean's wrist ache like? It must be unfair on the guests, they are going to be worn out! I would add if the subject of huge signings has been brought up it means summat - wether we agree or not. I'd say limit to punters to around 5 items and have a special 'hour' for industrial bulk signings. I usually look at the queues for the folk I want to meet and if too long go to those who are short, then go back to the first queue and see if its shrunk. I was only in there about a hour-1/2. Great debate, don't stop... von Dawson's Express
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