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  1. When Celebration Europe happened Mark Hamill was announced as a guest and it turned out at the last minute that he wanted £85 per autograph and it cost £25 to get in plus travel to London, so for one autograph it would have cost over £150. Then I thought it was totally unacceptable so didn't go. Reflecting on this now I wish I'd gone as it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. After all Mark Hamill played Luke Skywalker and was a massive part of my childhood and a big hero of mine. However on the day he, apparently, was happy to chat to fans and do posed photos. My best experiences at Collectormania have been when the guests not just their 'names' have been good. Adam West and Brandon Routh were great but Carrie Fisher didn't even look up for a photo. Collectormania obviously can, and has in the past, got the big names but if you charge £100 the experience has got to match this as well. You can't charge £100 and not allow posed photos and the queueing system needs to work better (the bit before you get the numbered ticket). It's meeting the guest not just getting their autograph that's important.
  2. How about Mark Hamill? Also how about some comic book artists - for example Simon Bisley, Brian Boland, John McCre etc etc. Great British comic book talent.
  3. Me and the wife have been going to Collectormania Milton Keynes for the last five years and the Manchester one since it started. We won't be going back to Manchester again unless there's a really good guest. There's just not enough stalls or celebs to make it worth while. It seems odd that the worst of the shows is the most expensive to get into as well. Milton Keynes is much better - and free too. I can understand why guests cancel as they've got to work as well its just a shame there was such a lack of them in Manchester this time. I think it's time the number of shows dropped again and stopped diluting it. It was as well organised as ever but I can't help but wonder how it is worth running so many different events for Showmasters?
  4. More artist's would be great like, Simon bisley,alan davis,brian bolland,liam sharp,dougie Braithwaite.
  5. No problem - that'll be me then. Been running round shouting 'THIS IS SPARTA' at work colleagues and scaring the crap out of them for a couple of weeks now.
  6. well i'm still hoping somone big is going to turn up
  7. Are there going to be anymore star wars guests or is this it! because its not a bad line up of people but feel it could be better!
  8. As a life long Star Wars fan and having spent thousands of pounds over the years on toys, books, comics etc I was quite literally over the moon when it was announced that Star Wars Celebration would be coming to London. Rumours were rife on who would be attending and slowly but surely big names have ben announced. So once again was planning on breaking the piggy bank. However the piggy is now safe as I refuse to spend £85 for Mark Hamill's autograph. I'd give my right hand to meet him but just on principal this is a ridiculous amount of money for one autograph. I'm putting my foot down - enough is enough. There's only two main stars from the original trilogy that I haven't met now - Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill - yet I've not paid more than £25 for autographs from the others. Queueing from 5am to see Carrie Fisher in Milton Keynes I can cope with but £85 plus paying the entrance fee is just ridiculous.
  9. My views on what happened today... Started queueing outside at 5am to get tickets to get Brandon Routh's autograph. Met some nice people in the queue and the staff when they appeared at 7.30am were really helpful and well informed. Thanks to 'Too Tall' for explaining the queueing process and what time we'd be allowed in the warm. They let us inside about 8am the the queue was properly controlled - no chaotic running around this time. Got my ticket and joined the actual queue for the autograph. Brandon and was early arriving and really friendly - good on him at that time on a Saturday morning. Don't live far away so headed home for a bit of sleep and returned for the Brandon photo shoot. Again a very well controlled queue, if long, to have my photo taken with Brandon. The Cosplay/fancy dress people get better every time. Two marines from the Alien movies with a chained Alien were patrolling the queue. A classic Superman was wandering around as were stormtroopers etc. Understandably quick photo but Brandon was still smiling. Only slight disappointment was that the photos weren't ready to collect at the end of the day. Not a big deal for me as I can go back to get it tomorrow but I can imagine that some people are annoyed - although the staff did say they'd post photos to people if need be. All in all a fun day and the best Collectormania yet. Looking forward to Collectormania 12 - can we have lots of people from heroes please?!
  10. Wow can't believe it - so cool. I live in Milton Keynes and was going to to go to Manchester to see him last year but it was cancelled. So having Brandon Routh literally on my doorstep is brilliant - can't believe it. Question now though is which days is he going to be there?
  11. How about some great British talent like Simon Bisley, Greg Staples, Jim Murray and Brian Boland. Met Bisley at a comic shop - he's a larger than life character would be fantastic for one of these events.
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