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    Create your Bitten 2 lineup

    1. Stephen Moyer 2. Deborah Ann Woll 3. Nelsan Ellis 4. Joe Manganiello 5. Mariana Klaveno 6. Brit Morgan all main cast is impossible, so I added some season 3 new cast members.
  2. I added the second part. http://www.trueblood-online.com/events/bit...-fans-and-cast/ The third part will be an interview with Jim Parrack about how he experienced his very first fan con. That will be up as soon as I send him the questions and he answers them
  3. Judging by your name you are the tall guy who coordinated? We spoke briefly. I am sorry if I did something wrong. But there are no video moments at all scheduled and as a reporter for my website I really wanted to include at least something. The video gives a good impression of what the event was like and is good promotional material. I don't know anything about legal issues of course, but good promotion was one of the things that could have been picked up better by the organization. I discussed this also with Mark and Jason. I run one of the biggest international websites, I offered my services but that was not followed up upon.
  4. I did not record the talks, I recorded part of the openings ceremony. That is not the same thing. As stated in the folder: "No filming or sound recordings of the talks are allowed." I filmed the openings ceremony. I do not appreciate your tone, Sazzra
  5. Not during the talks. During the introduction it was allowed. I was in plain view and nobody stopped me.
  6. Shadaliza


    I did read this on Digital Spy, they talk about Snoop Dogg and mention Bitten. http://www.digitalspy.com/cult/s59/true-bl...dogg-cameo.html
  7. Shadaliza

    How many people were there?

    absolutely , everybody had the chance to say hi.
  8. I just published the first article about my experiences from the first day at Bitten. The rest will following in the next few days. Please feel free to comment on the Vault, thank you. Read the article here
  9. Shadaliza

    How many people were there?

    I am trying to figure out how many Truebies there were at Bitten this weekend. Does anybody have an idea?
  10. Online info for Kristin Bauer-van Straten http://www.kristinbauer.com/ the Van Straten's on Facebook Kristin on Twitter http://www.abrivanstraten.com Approved Fan page for Jim Parrack http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jim-Parrack-...125566430823211 Sam Trammel is on Twitter http://twitter.com/SamTrammell Todd Lowe's Pilbilly Knights http://www.myspace.com/pilbillyknightsmusic http://facebook.com/group.php?gid=102313243844
  11. Shadaliza

    xxx Offical countdown thread xxx

    I am packed and ready to go, I'll be leaving for the airport in a couple of hours !
  12. Shadaliza

    Message for SM/ME about the Schedule...

    That is late. I was really hoping it would go online today. I will be traveling to the UK tomorrow.
  13. Shadaliza

    Who's getting what signed?

    I had a t-shirt printed on which I will collect my autographs.
  14. Wonderful, I am staying in the Park Inn. thank you!
  15. Shadaliza

    Introduction thread

    My first time too and coming alone... I'll just say "hi" to the first person I see wearing a True Blood t-shirt and start making friends.