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    Latest Guest Announcement - RUTGER HAUER

    As well as his sterling work on celluloid with SO MANY of the greats working with MANY legends... He also advertised #Guinness :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Yb77_PK89Q
  2. KingRichard76

    Latest Guest Announcement - RUTGER HAUER

    Looks like he'll be joining Sir Ridley and Sean on my Blade Runner DVD.
  3. KingRichard76

    Latest Guest Announcement - MICHELLE GOMEZ

    FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCCC - for those familiar with the awesome Sue White you know the end of this line!!!! It just goes to show that there are guests that can be announced, that are massive to others etc- and to be honest I wasnt really sure if I'd be attending LFCC this year, now I most definitely am, Michelle Gomez is simply amazing. Watching Green Wing you know you should never EVER be eating or drinking cos you're liable to choke on the contents of your mouth (or spit them out all over the place) thats just how frickin funny Green Wing is and Michelle Gomez is the QUeen of Improv. LA LA LA! LA LA LA LA LA! LA LA LA! LA LA LA LA LA!
  4. My thoughts go out to his Family, Friends and former work colleagues at this time.
  5. Very sad loss to the World of Comedy/Showbiz, another terrific legend passed away. My thoughts go out to his family, friends and all those who worked with him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi_6SaqVQSw
  6. KingRichard76

    Latest Guest Announcement - STEVEN BERKOFF

    Lets just hope we dont see things falling off the man!!!!! (I loved that scene from Beverly Hills Cop) But seriously, I was hoping we'd see Steven announced amidst these terrific guests from undoubtedly one of THE greatest movie that defined an entire decade.
  7. I'd be lying if I said there weren't tears of sadness right now!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://variety.com/2016/film/news/indiana-jones-steven-spielberg-harrison-ford-reuniting-1201730532/ THis is just frickin EPIC off the scale awesomne news :)
  8. KingRichard76

    INDIANA JONES - Mr. Spielberg/Harrison reuniting :)

    When I first found out about this, I just HAD to make a reaction video, had no idea I went on for just over seven minutes, but it kinda shows how enthusiastic I am for this new movie and the four previous ones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVHpOKnW5tg I must admit I've really defended the fourth Indy movie because as a cinemagoer I fully enjoyed it. * The first reveal of Indy (His silouhette as he lifts up the Fedora) * The gopher at the start(Not to everyones liking* * The fridge scene. I honestly don't know what people have issues with this for, if anything it shows Indy for who he is, THE action hero who gets himself into messes and out of them in a memorable way- lets not forget Indy, Willie and Short Round leaping out of a plane aboard a rubber dinghy, how it freefalled at several miles an hour then goes over a frickin cliff narrowly missing trees etc, and NO broken bones etc? Being dragged behind a truck- anyways I liked the fridge scene. * Aliens? Interesting plot device * Mutt------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Marion :) It was awesome to see Karen back and the repartee between the two. * The wonderful nods to Henry Jones Snr and Marcus. * The scene where Indy and Mutt are on the motorbike in the library and skid across the floor then Tom Hanks son asks a question, Indy as casual as you like answers. ANd of course the Romantic in me couldn't help but gush at the end scene. :) Will be interesting to see if they bring back Marion for the fifth as I feel the two of them have such great chemistry and it could really work, whatever they do you can bet any money that Mr. Spielberg, Harrison, George, Frank and Kathy will look at how the 4th went down and see how best to serve fans. I also wonder IF they'll do... The unthinkable and DEFINITELY make this the last one, if SOMETHING happens that makes it so there'll be no more... Look what happened with ANOTHER well known Harrison role. Mind you, Indiana Jones will never be dead.
  9. KingRichard76

    Ghostbusters Trailer

    I've now watched the trailer four times to see if I can enjoy it, to be honest on the first viewing I enjoyed the nostalgia as it mentioned the original movie and the original Ghostbusters as I also liked the piano motif. Thing is I DO want to like it, and would like to say first and foremost I have no problem with the all female cast, I think its great what filmmakers are doing, Rey as the main lead in Star Wars and she carried the movie so well, with Finn being second fiddle as it were, Charlize Theron in Mad Max stole the show, and Emilia Clarke in Terminator. (Some of the comments I saw on youtube made me embarrassed to be a man). When the movie does come out I'll be wearing my threadbare Ghosbusters tshirt, noshing on popcorn and slurping on a pepsi whilst watching it - this is the thing with reboots/remakes and when Directors/Different Directors take the helm, a clear example is Indy, everyone enjoyed Raiders, but not everyone liked Temple of Doom (including Mr. Spielberg) everyone wanted another Indy, Mr. Spielberg, Lucas and Ford did so and we all know how that turned out, same with the Star Wars prequels. It'll be interesting to see what happens between now and the movies release.... WHO YA GONNA CALL?
  10. KingRichard76

    And the 88th Oscar Goes To...

    Nice shots of Star Wars. Brilliant opening monologue by Chris Rock. Original Screenplay: Spotlight. Adapted Screenplay: The Big Short. Great segment starring Whoopi Goldberg et al. Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander. Achievement in Costume Design: Jenny Beavan (Mad Max) WELL DESERVED IMO Production Design: Mad Max!!!!!!!!!!!! Achievement in Make Up and Hairstyling: Mad Max Fury Road :) Achievement in Film Editing: Mad Max :) (IMO should have gone to Star Wars but both movies were brilliant) Achievement in Cinematography: The Revenant. Achievement in Sound Editing: Mad Max :) Sound Mixing: Mad Max :) Achievements in Visual Effects: STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!- Wait, Ex Machina. Awesome to see C-3P0, R2 and #BB8 take the stage and introduce THE COMPOSER himself, John Williams :) Best Animated Short Film: Bear Story. Best Animated Feature: INSIDE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actor In A Supporting Role: Mark Rylance (Hugging Mr. Spielberg) Bridge Of Spies then going up to receive his Oscar and in his acceptance speech mentioning the Wonderful Director (It shows just how humble he is) Best Documentary Short Subject: "And the Oscar goes to Mad Max- no!" "This is what happens when determined Women get together" A Girl In The River Best Documentary Feature: Amy. $65,243 was made by selling Girl Scout Cookies. And now Whoopi Goldberg :) In Memoriam: Performed by Dave Grohl. :'( Best Live Action Short: Stutterer. Best Foreign Language Film: Son of Saul. Vice President Joe Biden coming on stage to the Raiders March to a standing ovation and introducing Lady Gaga. Best Original Score: Why don't we just give John Williams the Oscar now? Ennio- in his acceptance speech he does indeed mention John Williams :) Best Original Song: Writings On The Wall. SAM SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OSCAR WINNER :) In his acceptance speech he mentions how Sir Ian McKellen said "No openly gay man has ever won an Oscar, if this is the case I dedicate this award to the LGBT community" Sacha Baron Cohen and Olivia WIlde (dressed as Ali G INNIT! YO GET ME?!" HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! JJ Abrams :) Achievement in Directing: Alejandro G. Inarritu The Revenant. Actress In A Leading Role: Brie Larson. Room. Actor In A Leading Role: Leonardo DiCaprio The Revenant. Best Picture: Spotlight :)
  11. KingRichard76

    Frank 'Father Jack' Kelly has passed away

    DRINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FE-!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT WOULD BE AN ECUMENICAL MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Father Jack is with Father Ted now. Always sad to hear of such passings from those who've always entertained us, my thoughts go out to Family and Friends.
  12. There are guests who make up a number of reasons why attendees will go to see a handful/myriad of guests and then there are guests who is worth the price of entry, taxis train fares and the hassle of schlepping up to London, and Jim Balent and Holly Golightly are these two reasons. Have never gone to a con to meet two people before but my goodness was it worth it. As a massive #Catwoman fan I was thrilled when Jim was announced and I chose to bite the bullet and take up quite a substantial amount of my collection to be signed. N.B. At this juncture, I'd like to thank the very kind fellow attendees who were good enough to help me out getting my suitcase up and down the stairs. Got to Jim and Hollys table around 09:30 or so and right from the outset they were so kind and chatty, you instantly felt comfortable with them and just adds to how a guest experience should be. I know there were quite a few visitors that came to the desk to get their bits signed and because of how much I had I made sure people with far less stuff were given priority. N.B. I'd like to thank those wonderful chaps at around 12-13 pm for being understanding and letting me get the rest of my bits signed - I hope you enjoyed the Haribo I cannot thank showmasters enough for getting both Jim and Holly to this event, we had such a great time, a bit of humour was there when I informed them about the talks they were taking part in and didn't know until I gave out the SPOILER ALERT lolz. But yep, today was so worth it, and the TERRIFIC #Catwoman sketch Jim did is gonna be my new tattoo. :)
  13. KingRichard76

    Autograph process

    Which I totally appreciate :) There used to be a time I'd go to cons with a thonking great EOS and they do have a habit (unless the setting is changed) for the flash to pop up or go off, exactly, if the guest is fine with it then no problemo. A lil bit of an anecdote to kinda back up what I said in my last post, practically the whole Galaxy's media was at the prem for Star Wars last year and cos I had my Yoda mask with me one of the outlets wanted to interview me, the lady who was shooting with the high tech camera kept getting frustrated and on at least three different occasions had to ask me to look in a different direction or slightly move my head (cos of the awryness of my eye) so I know its not only me who notices this imperfection but yep :)
  14. KingRichard76

    Autograph process

    From what I can understand this whole no posed photo thing is partly due to flashes going off, with my iphone on selfie mode there is absolutely no way possible a flash will go off. In my whole time doing these events I think I've only ever had a handful of photoshoots and personally, this is in MY opinion a cost I'd rather not pay for, please let me explain. When I take a selfie I know how I like the picture to be, I find a picture at the table to be a much more special memento and ALL the table pics I've ever had I look back on with fond memories, (I of course only apply this to guests who are FREE or not at all busy) one particular great memory happened with a Indiana Jones actor a few years ago. Was wonderful. Also, I have an issue with one of my eyes and it looks off into a different direction, this is GREATLY noticeable in the photoshoots I've had and personally? I'd like to look my best in pictures. One particular photoshoot I had with an actress in 2010 wasn't that good at all compared to the table pic I had with her, to be honest I'm trying to think of a photoshoot I've had where I've been 100% happy with it - I just feel really awkward in them, and find it to be uncomfortable hence why (whenever possible) I opt to either get a selfie (knowing full well there is no way the flash will go off) or in the case where its BIG guest and the possibility of a selfie is impossible then I begrudgingly pay for a photoshoot IF I want a picture with someone enough. But yep, IF I didn't have this issue with my eye or I felt that a pic at the table was MUCH more informal then I would probably feel a tad different,. but this is where I stand on this all
  15. KingRichard76

    Latest Guest Announcement - JUDGE REINHOLD

    I dont often get blown away with a guest announcement, (lets face it we're all different) but just seeing this? I exclaimed "WOW!" out loud. Am very sure I speak on behalf of many when I say Judge is definitely a legend. Very excellent guest.
  16. KingRichard76

    I put some money into the meter ;)

    YAY! We're back lolz
  17. KingRichard76

    I put some money into the meter ;)

    Am jus gghla fthat weeeev everythg vvvgv is okayyyyyyyyy nooowwwww wowowowowowoowowww
  18. KingRichard76

    Reports surfacing that Alan Rickman has passed away

    Wow, Alan Rickman passing, now thats a REAL shocker! First David Bowie now Alan Rickman, seriously wt:( RIP Alan, wow just wow
  19. KingRichard76

    RIP David Margulies

    David Margulies RIP (say hi to Egon for us please Mayor) #Ghostbusters My thoughts go out to his family and friends at this very sad time.
  20. KingRichard76

    RIP David Bowie

    RIP Jareth And now once more you can collaborate with #JimHenson
  21. KingRichard76

    Star Wars Cast

    Harrison Ford. (Don't all look at me like that at once)
  22. KingRichard76

    Star Wars: The Force awakens Discussion - WARNING: SPOILERS!

    this is disgusting, what the hell? who does that, what utter scum, the cinema should ban him imo. It was on the opening day and I'd come out having seen it for the third time and myself and two other patrons got chatting with one of the employees as we came out and he said something along the lines as well about.... Both myself and the employee cringed and had to tell him to shhhh. As there were people waiting to go in. The other thing thats irritating is that some idiot has posted a number of spoilers on a youtube vid of the Simpsons (I dont watch the simpsons but saw Mark Hamills tweet about "Dont be a homer" and that it was about Star Wars)
  23. KingRichard76

    Star Wars: The Force awakens Discussion - WARNING: SPOILERS!

    I see where you're coming from on this. P.S. Am really good, kinda still buzzing from having done the prem on Wednesday and then a few hours later seeing it for the first time. How be you? :) I have been better. Just lost my job, so kind of sucks a bit. But, as regards you, I was more referencing your recent family loss. Am real sorry to hear this I hope good fortune comes your way soon, I really hope for this for you. He's in a better place now, I was proud that I was related to him, made my tributes both on here and elsewhere. So yep, many thanks for your asking it means a lot.
  24. KingRichard76

    Star Wars: The Force awakens Discussion - WARNING: SPOILERS!

    I see where you're coming from on this. P.S. Am really good, kinda still buzzing from having done the prem on Wednesday and then a few hours later seeing it for the first time. How be you? :)
  25. KingRichard76

    Star Wars: The Force awakens Discussion - WARNING: SPOILERS!

    JJ won't get an Oscar nod simply because it is sci-fi. The film will probably get SFX and costume nods, and the soundtrack. The awards will come outside the Oscars I disagree with both of you but i'm not gonna get into an argument over this. This is definitely Oscar worthy and I would put money on this :)