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  1. Mackenzie Lintz, Annie Thurman,Dayo Okeniyi and Amandla Stenberg
  2. Got my Hunger Games poster framed (sorry about the pic....stoopid flash)
  3. not expensive at all, That one cost me about 10 pounds on ebay.
  4. Heres my Game Of Thrones Poster signed by Lena Headey, Jason Mamoa, Masie Willaims, Rory McCann, Spencer Wildingm James Cosmo, Josef Atlin, Julian Glover, Finn Jones, Ian Wyte, Miltos Yolemerio, John Bradley, David Bradley, Roxanne McKee, Natalia Tena, Kristian Narin. All the other autographs i got were on Blu-rays....oh and my hunger games poster but that doesnt have many signitures on yet
  5. Here's a few of mine from the weekend Brandon Routh Dayo Okeniyi Amandla Stenberg Lance Henriksen Jason Mamoa (He gave me a hug........Bromance ) David Bradley Paul McGann (withnail and i is one of my favorite films ever so meeting him was amazing) Louise Brealy..........and her quavers Natalia Tena (Ive had a crush on her since harry potter so to get a big hug from her was like a dream come true) Carl Weathers
  6. Im only able to attend on the friday and it would be nice to have photoshoots (unless all the guests are happy to pose while signing)
  7. In my Blu-ray- Batman and robin (me and the gf wanted to count how many bad one-liners arnie had) Dvd player-Blade:The Series disc 4 ( )
  8. says sat/sun/mon on her announcement page, but only sun/mon here
  9. Michael Parks please i'd love him to sign my vol2 blu-ray with a certain humorous line he had in that film
  10. awesome think its time for a kill bill movie night.
  11. Anybody from battlestar galactica or twin peaks
  12. hell yeah would love to meet eve the second she gets announced me and my friend would buy tickets
  13. hey im a bit of a convention newbie. how much do photoshoots typically cost??
  14. my friend just had an idea. could it be Julian Bleach (davros)??
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