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  1. I'd love to see some pics of everyone's red dwarf autos :)
  2. I have to say I was completely disappointed with this event. The one guet I had prebooked cancelled so I was left with the entry tickets for Sunday. There really wasn't a great number of guests on the day, the stalls I feel weren't as varied as usual. We spent about an hour there compared to usually spending 5 or 6 hours. Sorry this is such a negative post but I really don't feel it was worth the entry fee
  3. What are the stalls like this year? :)
  4. I can't get there on saturday until 1 I'm guessing the matt smith photo shoot tickets will be gone by then?
  5. Is there any way I can swap my tickets to a different day? :S
  6. More Hunger Games guests would be amazing. Maybe Josh Hutcherson
  7. I don't know if this would count but I'd love to meet LILY COLE - she has been in Doctor Who so maybe it's a possibility
  8. Yeah I know it's cheeky to put this as a separate topic but I just feel the 'guest suggestions' section gets overlooked sometimes are there are just so many suggestions plonked in one area :S
  9. I know plenty of you will agree with this - it would be so amazing to have Tom Hiddleston at this one . I believe he's done a couple of signings in America so why not uk :)
  10. Would love to see some pics of your signed photos from the weekend :)
  11. I was so thrilled that I actually got to chat with Karen this time rather than being rushed through. Sophie wu seemed quite shy but really nice. Who else met her? My highlight of the day however was Sean astin who decided to sing a song to me! Aww made my day complete :)
  12. Cool, was just trying to figure out whether or not photos might be allowed with them when getting their autographs. Always a tricky one to judge.
  13. I'd like to meet Jaqueline Emerson and Sophie Wu. Do you recon these will be busy guests?
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