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  1. I totatally agree I am not attending this event because me and my friends just couldn't afford the ticket prices with the cost of the hotel too and by the look of things were glad because you've not got any bigger guest they all play smaller roles, although they are probably all lovely people(daniel is met him), and there are only 4 guest currently, the amount of guests at each event are dwindeling. Me and my friend are considering attending the next one if there will be one, im guessing it would be around september time cos thats wen they usually are but we are hoping that the guest will be better and hopefull people we haven't me cos ive met charlie three times now(although im not complaining ;D) Fingers crossed. One thing though you can never complain about at et's are that the atmosphere and the whole experience is bluudi awesome! LMAO *Edited to sort out the quote box for you
  2. Name: Kimberley Age (if you want to): 16 Where you are from: uk sheffield ETs attended:proms, et3, et4, & this one Interests:twilight(books&films), vamp.diares(Series), true blood(Books&series), wild at heart (series), Art&Creative writing. Attending on your own or with others: with one other hopefully othwise all alone Yeah so thats me
  3. Speaking of ET6 did I hear correctly that there is definately going to be one?? Hope so cos not going to ET5 :)
  4. Oh okayy thanks I just wondered cos most of photo shoots will have ended for the day by the time i get ther tomorrow so thought id might have to go to sunday ones lol but i will definately ask when i get there
  5. Coolio Errmm... im not going untill tomorrow an Im not going to get there till atleast half 12 and im in group D so im going to miss my photo shoots and some signings so Do you know if ill just be able to go to shoots with other groups on sunday????????????????????? Hope someone is around lol
  6. Ohh awesome I Love charlie EEEE Lmao :) wasnt going to come on here glad I did now something more to look forward to
  7. heyy Is this true?????? Cos im going tomorrow cos cunjt get there today so i missed drinks reception will be gutted if he was there lmao
  8. Yepp must be !! there all in cohoots I swear
  9. Oh okayy cool I thought there would be but I thought best to ask
  10. Hi I havent really read about the wristband thing apart from every one keeps mention wearing wrist bands lol .... Is it for this event instead of badges???? If so like that idea cos at the event I only wrap the chain of badges around my wrist lol I've seen a few people do that too lol. Also stupid question but will there be the scheduals at the event or in our packs?
  11. Lets hope lol Lol And that what my mum ses to lmao she uses it against me lmao xD
  12. Iknow Its freaking stupid especially when she only tells me a week before we go, she just loverly like that. Im hoping and praying (shame im not religious sumone might actually answer my prayer then lol) that mum can work her magic tomorrow and I can come
  13. I would have been happy with any ticket but my mate decide she wanted gold so I was like okayy lol I wasnt saying no cos it is good lol and my mum said yeah but i had to pay her back (which I have) now my mate decide she wants a crimbo prezzi instead of coming to event and she wasted 225 quid lol
  14. tell me about it first i wasnt gunna be able to come cos my mate bailed, then we decide we were comin anway now mortage came out and cant bloody afford it lol someone up there is so against me lmaoo
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