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  1. LucyC

    Registration Letters are on the way!

    Mine has arrived too
  2. LucyC

    Not bought your ticket yet?

    Yay! It wouldn't be the same without him
  3. LucyC

    Park Inn Information

    I did too - 25% paid by debit card. The rest is payable on arrival.
  4. LucyC

    Your top three guests

    oh my god! yes! He's in my top 3 too - especially now Nelsan is going to be there
  5. LucyC

    Latest Guest Announcement - DENIS O'HARE

    Hee, snap. This event is going to ROCK. It is indeed!
  6. LucyC

    Latest Guest Announcement - DENIS O'HARE

    That's the 2nd one from my wish list for Bitten 3
  7. LucyC

    Count down to Bitten 3 (2012)

    This time next year!
  8. LucyC

    Guest requests

    Off the top of my head, and not including the top 3 of course: Nelsan Ellis Allan Hyde Carrie Preston Denis O'Hare Ryan Kwanten Kevin Alejandro Theo Alexander
  9. LucyC


  10. LucyC


    I was thinking that. Anything before season 3 is getting a little hazy now, but that might be more to do with my age
  11. LucyC

    allan hyde pretty please

    I'd love to see him there
  12. LucyC

    Potential guest announcments?

    Love it!
  13. LucyC

    Next weekend con feat. Supernatural Annouced

    I love Vampire Diaries, but haven't seen the other shows. I might get into BH too though!