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  1. Is there anyway?

    Hey is there anyway i can order personalized autographs from he event as i cant attend? dale
  2. Id be prepared to pay a lot depending on the person one thing i would say is zachary quinto valued at £75 is way way too much, he isnt worth that much. Jean claude van damme though...bring him on
  3. And the like a rat up a drainpipe award goes to

    Slyvester Mccoy clearly
  4. Thread for James

    I wasnt calling you stupid - I was merely pointing out the fact that closing a thread about James was a bit pointless. A point which I half made as I back tracked. I just felt that there needs to be a thread in which we can send best wishes to James and could have easily used that. Plus people have the right to comment on James condition.
  5. Thread for James

    Since the first one was stupidly closed - well not stupidly but well this is for everyone to send messages to James let him know how we all fell. I for one hope he gets better soon regardless of HW! James get better! Dale
  6. Guess...

    Emma Caulfield - 22nd October Emma Caulfield - 23rd October Emma Caulfield - 24th October Emma Caulfield - 25th October Emma Caulfield - 26th October Emma Caulfield - 27th October Emma Caulfield - 28th October Anthony Head - 29th October OR SURPRISE GUEST - Emma Caulfield
  7. think happy thoughts

    IM SO HAPPY just got an email saying there WILL be more guests! its nice to get a gurantee
  8. Fancy Dress

    fantastic idea unfortunately i dont think asking for what we wants going to work, no one listens
  9. New Guest

    hey all not that I mind great event coming up, really well placed in the year...some great events have been organised by the fellow attendees....woop woop! is there any chance we could get a guest that represents another side of the whedon universe. love to all!
  10. Exchange msn and arrange a hallowhedon group babble

    jackharkness6311@hotmail.com thats me : )
  11. Hallowhedon Attendees ~ Introduce Yourself

    Oh aye lol I guess it makes up for the money you saved on the guest encounter for me : ) lol
  12. Hallowhedon Attendees ~ Introduce Yourself

    Forum Name - themasterq8 Real Name - Dale Age/Location - 21/Bury What Ticket have you got/getting? standard...all they had left Most wanted guest for Hallowhedon?? Emma Caulfield and Anthony Head Hotel? - Heathrow Lodge Facebook/MySpace etc - http://www.facebook.com/dale.casey Chat Email (MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc) - msn = jackharkness6311@hotmail.com Favourite Movie? Butterly Effect 1 and 3, Crash, The Prestige. Favourite Other TV Show? Star Trek, Stargate, Lie to Me, Entorouge, Glee, Harper's Island to name a few. Favourite Music? not too specific I like all sorts! love to chat to some of you guys and get to know some people before the event.
  13. New Guest Announcement - Monday at 5pm

    ok i think its either beau bridges who i dont think has done an event yet, or even more amazing robert carlyle.. or it could be mitch peleggi whos in the country doing another event in november so who knows.
  14. Showmasters: What is going on?

    this is a joke not running the event because of no interest what tosh, theres plenty of interest they just had to work at it, buy one or two more guests and it would have worked. how do they expect people to use there money and take the risk if they wont either. cons cost a lot of money sadly so there has to be something to back it up. they had three shows to choose from - why couldnt they just get 1 small guest just to rest the fans minds. oh well role on hallowhedon i guess.
  15. Postcode?

    MK1 1ST took my Sat Nav exactly to the best enterance off Saxton Street today. Fun Fair on the right as you go in, car park on the left, and the stadium entrances directly in front of you. There is some building work taking place which, on approach, may lead you to think the entry road is closed but it's not Thanks mate ! thats kind of you. dale