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  1. Princess HanHan of Manchester

    ET8 DVD?!

    I would love a montage 'BEST OF ET' video, from the first to the last - special feature, 8 hours in length lol!!!!
  2. Princess HanHan of Manchester

    The Younger Attendees

    Hi Holly - loving the cuddle, but you have to see how much you could get away with it, my photos with everyone will be on FB and possibly on here tonight! Noel liked a really close cuddle. Love you honey!!! xxxxx
  3. Princess HanHan of Manchester

    ET8 lineup (from ET7)

    It was announced on Saturday night, by Jason, that Eternal Twilight 8 will be the last Eternal Twilight!!!
  4. Princess HanHan of Manchester

    Latest Guest Announcement - MYANNA BURING

    She's gorgeous - can't wait to meet her and judging by her recent TV interviews she's really lovely too. I'm all overwhelmed!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Princess HanHan of Manchester

    next guest coming soon

    I agree. I absolutely love meeting Leah Gibson at ET4. She had such a bright bubbly personality and she managed to keep Charlie in his place, and that's a mean feat that anyone can be impressed by. Shrekkie Boo, MkII says Hi All and only 11 days to go!!!!
  6. Princess HanHan of Manchester

    next guest coming soon

  7. Princess HanHan of Manchester

    AArrrrrgh Hurry up Showmasters :(

    That's just too cruel!!!
  8. Princess HanHan of Manchester

    next guest coming soon

    Is this Shrekkie Boo Mk II who has currently taken over my back bedroom. He's an awful house guests, leaves his mess everywhere. His baseball shirt is downstairs, he's in the back bedroom hogging the bed, his owners new mattress is up there too. And Hannah don't think you'd possibly be able to stand on Tillie and Millie I mean Tillie is like 16.2hh and somewhat bigger than yourself lmao Please say I can steal your horses, their all gorgeous. I'm especially fond of your coloured. Though think Tillie might get alittle jealous if I brought another horsey home Don't you dare fib, you love having Shrekkie the Princess HanHan lover at your house and at least it gives me a break from his (occasionally) unwanted advances. BTW I was talking about not standing on snakes, and horses hooves etc, have you seen me pished, ask my boy, i'm all over the place and could probably knock Tillie Bobs over with dead sideways staggering weight!!! LMAO
  9. Princess HanHan of Manchester

    next guest coming soon

    I like animals but can you all leave them at home please, because I don't wanna worry about standing on one of them if they escape when I'm a little pished!!!!! Thanks all Shrekkie Boo Mk II sends his love and kisses to all of you who have bought tickets thus far.
  10. Princess HanHan of Manchester

    next guest coming soon

    Well said Gill, despite the guest cancellations etc, I've always had an awesome time at the events and its down to all the friends i've made and I've now met quite a few of the cast thanks to these conventions I brought the ticket for this one the minute it came on sale without knowing one guest also :) I would however be inclined to agree with others and say that I do know quite a few people who are holding off until another announcement is made - I know at least 10 people who will come if Kellan/Jackson could come LOL ..... I'm with you Lisa. I'm quite happy with all the friends I've made, I find the guests are a bonus and I enjoy the talks more than anything else, although they're a bit too short after all the screaming etc. Can't wait for ET5.
  11. Princess HanHan of Manchester

    John Henson for another ET

    I definitely think we should get John Henson back. He's an amazing guest and to bring his whole collection over with him, what a trooper and such a lovely down to earth guy. Showmasters - We need John Henson back for ET4 and ET5.
  12. Princess HanHan of Manchester

    Eternal Twilight 5

    Thank you very much David B. That's a far clearer answer than previously given and I am grateful for the clarity that you have now provided. However, I must say as before "dangling the Rob/Taylor carrot" IS commercial genius. Ticket sales aren't generally refundable, so if people flock for the chance of meeting Rob or Taylor, tickets will sell and let's face it you and all the mods and Showmasters know it. So you get the ticket sales (and therefore money) regardless of it backfiring or not. Once again thank you for the better and clearer answer you have provided. Princess HanHan and Shrek (who is worried about having to buy tickets when he's just bought a new gown for me for LFCC)
  13. Princess HanHan of Manchester

    Eternal Twilight 5

    Sorry, but you won't get an answer to those questions by e-mail either. Contract issues are strictly confidential, and all payment details and pretty much everything you asked about won't be shared with a third party, not even by e-mail. Depending on the other clauses in the contract in fact talking about them even without giving a name can involve quite hefty fines. It would be really unusual to get a comment more detailed than the one Jason made saying the actors have to be paid at some point. Also Hilton facilities are definitely not free of charge, the "free" Jason meant was they had a free weekend to accomodate the event. At Chevron we played musical rooms half of the weekend because at one point there were three events in the hotel, so the Hilton is a quite popular location. Jason and Mark are always trying to get all guests, and anything is possible. They got three of the actors portraying the Hobbits at the height of the Lord of the Rings craze. But again SM will not confirm or deny contract negotiations. We are lucky if Jason posts one of his hints nowadays - even that got more rare now after some backlash because things didn't turn out the way Jason thought they would turn out. I understand you guys, I really do. I like low ticket numbers too and usually book for the Chevron cons right away when the tickets go on sale. But if you can't book right away that's okay - book when you can afford it. You may sit a couple of rows back and maybe get your autographs at different times, but you'll still be at the con and have an amazing time. The first ET sold out so fast, but thankfully meanwhile that rush has died down a bit, so right now you don't even have to worry about missing out on a ticket. Mark and Jason do understand your concerns too. Jason has already written a quite lengthy post about his reasons. They really didn't have another choice. No, it doesn't guarantee their appearance. I think we all have suffered from our share of cancellations. But if another event gets them signed up first they definitely won't appear. Look everyone - I'm not after specific and personal "negotiation" information - never was. I was asking about GENERAL information about the WORKINGS of why you need people's money 10 months in advance and only 2 months after the last con - this was an attempt for people on this side to understand why and also (if you think about it) to assist Showmasters in avoiding the vitriol which they are getting for putting the tickets on sale so early/so soon after ET3. I'm not interested in the personal ins and outs of the negotiation side of it, I already know how these things work from start to finish - I work for a law firm. I don't even care who the guests are - I will be there to see the friends I've made regardless. I was as you will note expressing my concerns for the less financially able. I think Jason "dangling" the Rob/Taylor carrot was commercial genius personally. Who doesn't want to make sure they've got the money together for THAT in the space of 19 days! Jason made a "statement" in his post about getting the likes of Rob or Taylor for cons. I asked if he was trying to get Rob or Taylor - I don't understand why that can't be answered. In fact as outlined if it was confirmed that he was TRYING to get Rob or Taylor, then tickets would probably be sold out in the space of minutes. Another genius commercial move. At the end of the day I'm asking viable questions on behalf of people who struggle to get the money together to explain to them how and why the money is necessary so early on without recourse to the way the USA cons work (considering one of them recently folded not a good framework to pitch on). Again I STRESS that I am far from interested in what negotiations are ongoing at present as I will be there regardless. I do however feel like I'm being treated like some kind of criminal for asking - let's face it - we put our money and our trust in Showmasters months before events in any case to bring us the personalities we want to see and NOBODY - I'm sure even Showmasters wants to feel like they've wasted their money. After all if we go into a shop to buy something, we leave with what we've bought straight away so we know exactly what we're getting for our money! Therefore another question, BEFORE the tickets go on sale, will there be an announcement as to a BIG guest being booked????? Princess HanHan of Manchester The code is GTWIB but it won't work unless "con" rooms have been released. You need to keep checking on a daily basis.
  14. Princess HanHan of Manchester

    Eternal Twilight 5

    I can understand your questions, but not sure that Jason and Mark will want to get into discussing how guests are paid on the forum Hi Rhianydd I wasn't expecting to be answered on the forum, but I don't have access to direct emails, my email address is on my profile, if anyone does want to answer my queries. It was a matter of interest more than anything. We do appreciate that getting guests can be difficult but Jason and Mark must also appreciate that the costs of attending two of these a year, especially at the Hilton can be quite restrictive for their "show-hards" and I was just expressing an across the board concern for even people who work full time. ET3 was my first con and I enjoyed myself so much I bought a ticket for ET4 and am planning to go to LFCC which thankfully is a little cheaper. But attempting to sort out tickets and hotel for next February when we've not finished paying for October yet showmasters must also appreciate is difficult even for the better paid of us and the question was aimed at obtaining an explanation as to why tickets need to go on sale so early. Obviously, tickets will pretty much sell out, as I understand from people who've been to all the cons and as explained the Hilton facilities are offered free, so I think if people understood where their money was going THIS early on, it might make the effort to get the money together a little easier to stomach. Again not meant to criticise, just an attempt at understanding the commercial obligations that showmasters face. Princess HanHan and Shrek. xxxx
  15. Princess HanHan of Manchester

    Dream guestlist

    The obvious. RPattz TayTay Jackson Anna Peter Elizabeth Kellan Rachelle Nikki No KStew please unless she learns how to string an [unscripted] sentence together between now and ET5. And if we're buying tickets this early I figure the above is not out of the question! Shrekkie Loves Twilight - and Twi-Fans even more