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  1. Wow, amazing guest. Thank you Showmasters! Even though I just got my first flat last week, and I've had to minimize my 'meet list' alot, I'm gonna find a way to get the £££'s to meet Karl.
  2. I've not been on these forums in a long while. But I've just ordered my ticket for the shoot with both 'sisters' and I'm so looking forward to it. I had a great time at the Gowron & Martok shoot last time : )
  3. Wow! SM you guys are awesome! I hope I get to meet him. I've always been lucky in the past at meeting the big guests, so fingers crossed!
  4. It's great you'll be back. I bought a tribble from you last time at MK, and took it with me to the Gowron/Martok photoshoot (which I was also in uniform for), and then on my way out of there I had a photo with you guys. So it was a great time for me all round - except Gowron tried to eat my tribble!
  5. I have mainly been a reader on here the last year or so, but I wanted to put down my thoughts from this past weekend, well mainly the Saturday. I had a great time! I went with a friend who had never been to a con' in her life. She loved it all! I was amazed at how long the 11am queue was - I don't think I've ever seen a queue that long, and I've been going to all the SM/ME [general] events since CM:2. But, this isn't a complaint. I found that the queue moved very quickly, which was great, as I had spent 3hrs stuck in a horrid queue to get into another event run by 'the others'. Coming into the show to see the Batmobile upon entry was awesome. Such an iconic vehicle, no matter how camp the show was It was so shiny I found it hard to photograph! Anyways... I went in with the plan of meeting the big two: Karen and Chris Lloyd. I mean no disrispect to the other guests, I just mean these were the big two for me, and by the queues, the same could be said for many fans. While waiting for my VQ ticket numbers to come up, I'd gone with my friends to the DeLorean photo op area, and although that turned out to be a bit of a disaster (with their bad batch of ink problems, and my friend not getting her photo) it was still fun. I went to meet a few of the guests from Harry Potter, who were all very nice and chatty. I also got to meet (again) the guys from 'Electric Man' who are just brilliant. A big hello to Emily, Toby, David and Scott!!! I'd also met (again) Jeffrey Weissman, who is such a nice guy. I was starting to chat with him when a guy from the press came over and asked Jeffrey if he could take a photo of him signing. Jeffrey said to him that he was currently talking with me, and asked if I minded, to which I said no. The press guy did his bit, and then started talking about News of the World. But the guy kept talking and talking. Jeffrey kept looking at me as if to say 'sorry' or maybe it was 'help me!' ... After a bit, the press guy went off and I continued talking to Jeffey. We chatted about the original lobby card I had asked to get signed from BTTF2, and he was amazed at how great the condition was. He told me that I must go and show it to Lea, which was my intention anyway... as she was on it (to get it signed). I then urged my friend to come over and meet him, too. She was a bit shy, but Jeffrey asked her to come say hi, too. He then told us about his time (17 years!) working at Universal on the BTTF ride. He asked us if were planning on meeting Christopher, and I said we were, but our ticket number were over the 1000 mark, so it probably wouldn't happen. He told me to go up to Christopher queue and tell the crew members to let us jump the queue, because Jeffrey had sent us! (We didn't try this...!). But before we left Jeffrey he shook our hands and gave my friend his last trading card, for free, as it was her first convention and he was the first guest she'd met. My friend and I then went to meet Lea, who like Jeffrey is great to meet - she has loads of time for her fans. I showed Lea my lobby card and asked if she'd sign it, telling her that Jeffrey told me to bring it around and show her. She said it was great and asked what I'd like signed and where. My friend also got an auto' from Lea. Her first one, which she is still chuffed about now Well, the day was drawing to a close, and I knew that I wasn't going to be meeting Chris this time around. I thought I go and have a last look at Karen's VQ numbers, just to see what she'd gotten upto. There was no queue there, but it was about 5.57pm. I spoke to the crew guy there about the numbers, and even though my number wasn't up he said that if I could make it passed the 'doorway' within 2 minutes I could meet her. The last few people infront of me had just moved forward and... I made it in! I picked up an 8x10 to get signed and took along one of those 1mtr long poster prints (that I already had gotten signed by Alex at CM) to get signed also. But as the last of the fans were moving forward I notice on Karens desk she only had black or blue pens, and my poster was mainly black. Luckily I took my own silver sharpie (just incase). I asked Karen's crew assistant if Karen could sign in silver, which was no problem. The crew member took my pen and passed it to Karen, saying 'special pen', to which Karen repeated in a comedy way "Special Pen!". Then the crew passed Karen my photo, saying 'photo', to which Karen did the same again, and then again with my poster. I said to Karen thank you for coming and signing my stuff, and she said thank you to me, and passed me my stuff saying "Photo! Poster! Special Pen!". Although there wasn't really much said, I found the experience of meeting her pleasent and it didn't feel cattle-herded rushed (like meeting the Shatner years back in MK). That was pretty much the Saturday over with. We had a brilliant time. My friend loved it and wants me to take her to more SM events. Although she's not a massive fan of cult tv/film, she said that she just loved being there. I went back on the Sunday, alone this time, as I was mainly going for my prebooked Chris Lloyd & DeLorean photoshoot. Due to the trains and the 11am queue, I only just made it into the con' with 5 minutes to go until the shoot started. Although I love my photo with Chris (it turned out awesome) I was a bit dissapointed, like a few others in the queue infront of me, that the shoot would have us kneeling next to Chris in the car. I, like the others, were kinda thinking we would be recreating the iconic image of Marty and Doc next to open door looking at our watches. But I can understand that this pose would be very tiring for Chris, and possbily take up too much time getting into 'pose' for the photographer. After the shoot I went to get another VQ ticket for Chris, and then spent most of the afternoon looking at all of the stalls (as there weren't so many fans, I could have a good, proper look) and went to see the guys at Electric Man again. Well I did manage to meet Chris, after asking Too Tall if I should stay for the last 20mins before closing time with the number ticket I had, to which he informed me that it didn't look to matter what number I was as people had just formed a massive queue which almost stretched from Chris's table to the entrance doors!So I joined the queue, and about 5mins into my waiting crew members were coming up line saying we should stay in the queue as Chris was kind enough to stay past closing time to sign for all the fans. So I managed to meet him, say hello again, got my poster signed and got a signed photo for my friend who came on the Saturday. After that I went to collect my photo from the shoot, and was amazed to find there were two printed of me. So I got a bonus one! Cool I had gone to the table a few times to find my photo, but couldn't be bothered with all the pushing & shoving at the time. I don't blame SM or the crew for this, just the fans. Well, that's pretty much it from me. If you've stuck with reading my thoughts/comments, well done, I do go on...! I want to finish by saying a big thank you to Jason and all of his team, and to all of the guests, even the ones I didn't meet! I had a great time! - Richard (PCM)
  6. He was on Britains Got Talent the other week. I'm sure it was him, or else the impersonator has an impersonator. I've seen him at loads of cons, and he gets better and better each time
  7. They dont, they get it the same day as us just a few hours later due to the time difference. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that there was to be a premier of the first two episodes (I think back-to-back) in America before us. I know the time difference would account for their seeing episode one before us, but I thought it worked out that we would see things before them. Didn't the UK premier Revenge of the Sith before America, due to time difference? Anyway, another thing... how come the newer Who stars always do the conventions and shows in the states, but not here. Tennant did and now Smith has? I know the BBC are doing lots of work with BBC America to get the shows out there more, but come one, it's a British TV show, get the cast to do some British con's and shows!
  8. The way I've been thinking about this: As soon as the Doctor was sealed inside the prison, he seemed to be OK with it all, and was all "Canton how very good to see you, now we can talk properly again well done" etc. The whole thing was obviously planned, and therefore it surely isn't beyond the glorious forethought of the Doctor to produce materials for his own "prison", meaning they would be able to speak again once sealed inside it at a later date. The theoretical foot soldiers working in Area 51 are probably not going to ask questions, the "operation" has had approval from the president, so they could gloss over it with that maybe, thoughts? This makes sense. This could also go with my theory that the doctor didn't really die in episode 6x01. Maybe he's doing something similar to his time-jumping in Pandorica/Big Bang, but this time without the fezz
  9. I've only just watched this episode (last night in fact) and thought I'd share my thoughts... Overall I liked these first two episodes, but I feel they were too American. By this, I mean it seemed to be aimed more to the American market, in the same way they did with Red Dwarf's series 7 (first ep). It had the look & feel of a bigger budget (looked more like a movie), which was good, but took away the 'feel' of the show. Again like with Red Dwarf, taking away the 'wobbly' sets took something away. Also, something that bugged me, and if I'm wrong please let me know, but didn't America get to see the first two episodes of this series before us? As far as I know, this would never happen over here, that we'd get to see a top American tv show's new season's episodes before they do. (and I'm not talking about time difference). Another thing that has annoyed me with the current Doctor Who (series 5 and now) and that is the Amy & Rory relationship. Amy never seems to tell Rory that she loves him, she always plans to, but doesn't. Even when he died(twice) she didn't tell him. She also always calls him stupid or moron or similar, which although may be in fun as part of their relationship - but it makes me feel sorry for him. Ok, now back on track with episode 6x02 - - Amy seeing the photo of her and her daughter(?)... but before hand the woman with the eye-patch (sister of patch dude from Lost I'm guessing) said that Amy was still dreaming... The little girl (which is the big topic here)... my guess is that she's the Doctor's Daughter, as in the clone from series 3. I think her being River would be too easy a plot. The Space Man killing The Doctor... I think it's River in the spacesuit. The man she 'killed' was the doctor. But I don't think his death will be a permanent death (like in Pandorica/Big Bang). The Doctor's Prison... where'd they get the idea/tech from. If they're just going to the moon on a rocket, how can they have a prison to hold the Doctor. Also, the Pandorica was meant to be the ultimate prison, made by various intelligent races (& enemies of the doctor). Why didn't they make the Pandorica from the same tech? TARDIS Swimming Pool... great idea, but having River happen to fall through the entire tardis and into the pool without hitting anything on the way through... hmmm... I think that's it for now...
  10. I've met him before and he's a really great guy. I can't wait to meet him again. Thanks SM
  11. Mine is all booked. Ordered it first thing this morning, as the work bonus has finally come through and I'm treating myself I met Mr Lloyd the last time he appeared at LF&CC. Although he was really busy then, he was very pleasent and signed my DeLorean (pt II) for me. I can't wait to meet him again
  12. I met Donald yesterday (along with JJ), and he is such a great guy. Like JJ, he was very friendly and happy to chat with. I was asking him about the bluray release of the trilogy, which he hasn't seen yet, but he was showing photos on his laptop of the 25th anniversary bluray party that was held a little while ago. He said everyone was there (except 'Biff') and it was good fun. I asked him to sign my cinema poster and as I unrolled it he started to 'sing' the theme - which made my day! Awesome guy, I hope SM can bring him back soon
  13. I met him yesterday, along with Donald, and I gotta say how much of an awesome guy he is! He was very friendly, chatty and generally happy as a guest. He was taking down fan email address' as he said he likes to keep in touch with them, so I'm looking forward to hearing from him at some point. I hope SM can get him back soon, along with Donald.
  14. Thanks KingR, I couldn't believe it myself. I haven't had time to contact him today, so I'll have to do it tomorrow. I'll update this story if he replies back to me. I hope he does, it'd be kinda awsome
  15. I just found him on facebook, I'll message him tomorrow once I upload my photos from the weekend
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