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  1. It's in the e-mail you got: Once the photo shoot schedule is released - If for any reason you cant make your assigned photo shoot day, please go to the organisers booth at the event before the shoot happens, where they will do their best to accommodate you. Please everyone, you're doing the mods on here a huge favor if you read everything before asking questions here. Umm... right... thanks for the answer...? Now, let me rephrase that question. Let's just pretend I read the e-mail. Let's also pretend I read the part "before the shoot happens". Now, remember the other part, the one where we won't be in England until Sunday? That part leads us to wonder if the sentence means "before the scheduled shoot" that is Saturday and therefore impossible, or could it also mean "before the shoot you would be able to attend", ie Sunday? There IS a difference... All the love, Catarina
  2. Me and a friend will be flying in to spend Sunday at the con (conscious decision to avoid the Cumberbatch stampede...) but as silver pass holders we've just found out we've been allocated Saturday Rupert photo shoots. How big a chance will we have to change them to Sunday shoots - if at all? (Just want to know if we need to fight to the death for extra tickets once they go on sale since he is about 75% of our reasons for going.)
  3. Umm... I actually avoided that other thing BECAUSE Benedict was going to be there... (Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore the guy - but the hype around him right now is a bit too crazy for me.) Would I avoid an official con because of Benedict? Hell to the noes!! But I do think the "no point doing the con if Benedict doesn't attend" is invalid - I for one would love to hear from people who rarely get to do the publicity rounds. Una Stubbs doing a talk would be my idea of heaven. I said before that I'd kill for Paul McGuigan to be there, just because he had such a big input on the visual part of Sherlock and I'd love to hear more about that. Don't think this would be Rupert's scene, but to hear him talk about his take on Lestrade would be fantastic. Sherlock really is about more than Benedict, lovely and brilliant as the man is.
  4. I guess we're talking more of a Destination Star Trek scale, less of a regular, more "laid back" weekend con here?
  5. I would kill to meet Paul McGuigan. Kill, I tell you.
  6. I am by now hoping for this to be postponed/cancelled since deadline for me to be guaranteed time off work was 28 February, and with the lack of updates (and the precious few vacation days I get each year) I only waved at that date when it passed by. Also have found a lot of other holes to throw money into, so not sure I can go IF it happens (I'm from Sweden, so getting there is kinda expensive to start with [and getting more expensive by the minute...]) which leaves me with two choices if it actually does, 1) Shrug, not go, and leave the loss of gold ticket money as a learning experience or 2) Go anyway and live on air and water for a couple of months. Not really happy with either of those, really. So either way I would be happy with an update, if only to be able to at least save up for some pot noodles if the answer is that it's happening.
  7. Flight booked, hotel booked, now time for my Sherlock-guests dance, methinks.
  8. I've yet to book time off work but will soon have to make a decision. Don't have a good feeling about it, though. (Auntie Beeb weren't too keen about the first one as far as I remember, and with the 50th coming up... yeah...)
  9. Anyone even remotely connected to Sherlock (or anyone from the main cast of Merlin) would definitely have me on a plane to Glasgow.
  10. Have to say that this topic is somewhat relevant to my interest, since I actually have a ticket for it...
  11. *hangs head in shame for missing the Firefly reference but approves of the making of it*
  12. Bought a ticket for Lords of Time 2 at Lords of Time and have yet to see a forum thread for that, so can't say that I'm too concerned really...
  13. Um... yeah, after a bit of agonising I now have a ticket too...
  14. Was a bit doubtful of there even being a HW5 after getting my autos yesterday, I have never seen such a big, empty room before... That said, I'm even more doubtful of the whole generic thing. Don't want HW to fizzle out, I've been planning my vacation around it for the last three years (still miffed I missed out on the first one) but I'm not sure I'll love it as much with the new settings, three Whedon guests or not. So instead of buying that gold today, I guess I'll just join the Moment 22 movement and wait to see where SM/ME are going guest- and theme wise.
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