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  1. Well said, Dave! It seems that people occasionally forget who these splendid guests are, what they have achieved and how they're not getting any younger....
  2. shearwater

    Guest announcement Walt cunningham Apollo 7 astronaut

    Guys: you are GODS among men! Well done from all your grateful supporters!
  3. shearwater

    apollo guests

    You know, it'd be really terrific if SMs could bring Walt Cunningham over: I'm certain he'd be a popular guest and signer and I for one would enjoy hearing his views on AGW!
  4. shearwater

    ? Ed Mitchell ?

    Like you, Count, I really don't understand that post.... There's no Schadenfreude in our posts, just speculation about the possibility of attracting two terrific guests to Autographica (Which. let's face it. is the original and still the best show in the UK!)
  5. shearwater

    ? Ed Mitchell ?

    I guess we've all followed the shenanigans in Pontefract! Here's a thought: it is alleged that Harrison Schmitt is prepared to visit the UK in October 2012 to sign his book and give a talk: why not see if he'll stick around for Autographica? By the same token, Walt Cunningham (who MUST be mighty p*ssed off at being cancelled at the last minute) would surely attend Autographica....
  6. shearwater

    how did it go

    Fabulous weekend! Friday and Saturday nights were both terrific: dinner in the Brasserie Friday, 'The Pheasant' on Saturday (Highly recommended!) My room was first class: so was breakfast! The guests were outstanding: uber-approachable, accomodating and chatty: loved Rich Graham's wife and even had a photo with HB! So well done Dave, Jason & Paul: no complaints from me except that the weekend seemed to fly by! Roll on A18!
  7. shearwater

    Guest announcement Thomas Jones astronaut

    Fantastic announcement! Well done guys!
  8. shearwater

    Guest Days and Prices

    As a matter of fact some of the dealers at the shows have undedicated autographs / signed books of Buzz et al for a fraction of the signing fee.... Don't be put off from attending: just being in the same room as these guys is pretty awesome!
  9. shearwater

    Guest Suggestions

    Since Al Worden generally enjoys spending time with the ASF ladies AND is busy promoting his new book, any chance he might come over again?
  10. shearwater

    Guest announcement Colonel Rich Graham

    I met Col Graham at Duxford: terrific guy... As a matter of fact, the Duxford SR-71 is 'wheels down', not suspended
  11. shearwater

    Guest Announcement Astronaut Bruce McCandless

    Well done, guys! Two excellent additions
  12. shearwater


    Also: now that Capt Gordon has been and gone, couldn't he come to A17? Surely Mr W's problems were all to do with losing revenue to his gig in March....
  13. shearwater

    ok which shuttle crew would you like to start with ?

    Erm.... Kittinger jumped from around 20miles: to get astronaut wings you have to attain 50.
  14. shearwater

    Hotel booking code

    Just tried to book: the hotel says the code is wrong and that the discount hasn't been confirmed yet.....
  15. shearwater

    Guest Suggestions

    Poor old Ronnie was a total nobody in the robbery: as is widely known, his ONLY role was to find a train driver and he even got THAT wrong! His 30-year sentence was just spiteful: you don't even get that sort of time for murder.