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  1. About the same, if not a little easier.
  2. I'd be interested in this too Paul - although if it were to go ahead, I'd need to bring the Tuxedo along & a Walther PPK! This is a great idea - c'mon organisers what d'ya say? Oh, and get Anne back, we need her to make the 'collection' complete.
  3. Emily Bolton has virtually vanished as of the 90s. We don't even know if she's alive still? How about for the reunion: Herma Voss Claude Carliez (who's autograph I have, very rare! He is around 85yrs old now.)
  4. Wow, good guest! Really really great rarities at the moment! Which one is she in the photo?
  5. Wow, fantastic guest is Irka Bochenko! Really really great rarities at the moment!
  6. Wow - what a fantastic guest, not to mention how rare she is!
  7. A fine actor & one of the last remaining 'greats' of today's world - RIP Tony.
  8. I'm pretty much the same, but with Serena it would be different!!
  9. Oh I don't know, it's very tempting!! lol
  10. Wow - great shot there Timelord! Good to see all of the Bond girls present, ha!
  11. Nice one, did you get any photos of Serena on Saturday? I thought the prices for the Bond girls were very fairly priced.
  12. Tell me about it! I fancied her since she was in Goldeneye (she looked gorgeous in that film) but she is just even more stunning these days!!
  13. As the subtitle suggests, did anyone get any photos/autographs from the show with the sexy Serena Gordon?
  14. As title suggests, I'd love to see Daniela Bianchi at Autographica - I know for a fact she would be very popular and kept busy all weekend. I have around 8 Bianchi autographs in my collection.
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