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  1. autograph_fanatic

    Moonraker reunion?

    About the same, if not a little easier.
  2. autograph_fanatic

    Ever wondered what it would be like to be Roger Moore?

    I'd be interested in this too Paul - although if it were to go ahead, I'd need to bring the Tuxedo along & a Walther PPK! This is a great idea - c'mon organisers what d'ya say? Oh, and get Anne back, we need her to make the 'collection' complete.
  3. autograph_fanatic

    Moonraker reunion?

  4. autograph_fanatic

    Moonraker reunion?

    Emily Bolton has virtually vanished as of the 90s. We don't even know if she's alive still? How about for the reunion: Herma Voss Claude Carliez (who's autograph I have, very rare! He is around 85yrs old now.)
  5. autograph_fanatic

    Latest Guest Announcement - CHICHINOU KAEPPLER

    Wow, good guest! Really really great rarities at the moment! Which one is she in the photo?
  6. autograph_fanatic

    Latest Guest Announcement - IRKA BOCHENKO

    Wow, fantastic guest is Irka Bochenko! Really really great rarities at the moment!
  7. autograph_fanatic

    Latest Guest Announcement - CATHERINE SERRE

    Wow - what a fantastic guest, not to mention how rare she is!
  8. autograph_fanatic

    Tony Curtis

    A fine actor & one of the last remaining 'greats' of today's world - RIP Tony.
  9. autograph_fanatic

    Serena Gordon

    I'm pretty much the same, but with Serena it would be different!!
  10. autograph_fanatic

    Serena Gordon

    Oh I don't know, it's very tempting!! lol
  11. autograph_fanatic

    Serena Gordon

    Wow - great shot there Timelord! Good to see all of the Bond girls present, ha!
  12. autograph_fanatic

    The Usual "What dedications did you get?" Topic!

    Nice one, did you get any photos of Serena on Saturday? I thought the prices for the Bond girls were very fairly priced.
  13. autograph_fanatic

    Serena Gordon

    Tell me about it! I fancied her since she was in Goldeneye (she looked gorgeous in that film) but she is just even more stunning these days!!
  14. autograph_fanatic

    Serena Gordon

    As the subtitle suggests, did anyone get any photos/autographs from the show with the sexy Serena Gordon?
  15. autograph_fanatic

    Daniela Bianchi

    As title suggests, I'd love to see Daniela Bianchi at Autographica - I know for a fact she would be very popular and kept busy all weekend. I have around 8 Bianchi autographs in my collection.