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  1. J-ESSIE

    Favourite moments?

    EEPPPA good times!!!! Don't really have a "FAVORITE" moment i thought it was all pretty amazing! *but i do have to say the talk with Jamie was hilarious!
  2. J-ESSIE

    Jamie Campbell Bower

    Just going to quote Ceri, not sure she is on the forum but im sure i will find out.... WE WUV HIM WONGTIME!! <3 <3 <3 Anyway....yeah Jamie's talk was amazing, he is one funny guy and should definatly come back for another!!
  3. J-ESSIE

    Favourite moments?

    JAMIEE!!!!! His talk was amazing, i was laughing so much!! <333333 And the whole weekend really it was brilliant!!!!
  4. J-ESSIE

    The Darling Buds for ET3

    AHH that would totally make the weekend even better!!!
  5. J-ESSIE

    Latest Guest Announcement: Jamie Campbell Bower

    YAY!!!!!! great guest!!
  6. J-ESSIE

    General Rambling

    ^^^ thankyou!!
  7. J-ESSIE

    General Rambling

    ha okay! but maybe not the leggins just tights!! i want to wear my doc's but i dont want to look like a twirp! where actually is the interview? im confused!
  8. J-ESSIE

    General Rambling

    oh urm i dont know, the Chloe one! im going to wear that gray dress i think (the one i wore with the lace leggins)
  9. J-ESSIE

    General Rambling

    i think its kind of weird how we were saying we hadn't spoken to lily in a while today, and it turns out shes not well! REALLY NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!! what are you going to wear??
  10. J-ESSIE

    General Rambling

    aww hope you get better lily! eeek St.marys interview tomorrow, and dreading it!!! geeee i've missed alot, i really need to come on more often!
  11. J-ESSIE


    YAY! finally another guest!
  12. J-ESSIE

    General Rambling

    so which an i 96 or 97........ decisions, decisions! i wish my mother was so willing to pay for me!
  13. J-ESSIE

    Countdown time!

    ha yeah i remember last time when you bought the dress during the day that you were going to wear that night! ahh good times!
  14. J-ESSIE

    Countdown time!

    good! i'm okay, ha yeah i cant wait! but im still so unorganized!
  15. J-ESSIE

    Countdown time!

    Jessssssssss <3 Amandaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3 how are you? not long noww