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  1. Lady Wolfshead

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Zachary Quinto Evan Peters
  2. Lady Wolfshead

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Norman Reedus (Walking Dead) Alex O'Loughlin (Hawaii 5 0) Jay Ryan (Beauty and the Beast)
  3. Lady Wolfshead

    First Guest Announcement - David Giuntoli

    Great first guest. Me and my fella love both shows. Won't be able to get my ticket until November though so fingers crossed there will be plenty available then :-)
  4. Lady Wolfshead

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Alex O'Loughlin (Moonlight and Hawaii Five O) Liam J McIntyre (Spartacus Vengeance) These guests would make me very, very happy indeed
  5. Lady Wolfshead

    Once Upon a Time

    I would be interested in a weekend con for this show especially combined with Grimm which I also love
  6. Lady Wolfshead

    Park Inn Convention Rate ?

    If by some minor miracle I can afford to come this year I certainly wouldn't be able to book the Park Inn if full balance is required by end of January.
  7. Lady Wolfshead

    Guest requests

    Alexander Skarsgard Allan Hyde Deborah Ann Woll James Frain
  8. Lady Wolfshead

    Bitten 3

    Count me in. However will be a few months before I can purchase a ticket.
  9. Lady Wolfshead

    Pre-Con Day Chatter!

    Been wide awake and up since 5am! See you all there lovely people!
  10. Lady Wolfshead


    Thank you so much. I know how much hard work you guys must put in. Sooooo excited
  11. Lady Wolfshead

    Not long now!

    Myself and my friends Shelley and Gareth will also be arriving around 2ish. Plan is to check in, register, then go get something to eat and drink before getting ready to party!
  12. Lady Wolfshead

    Season 4 Spoiler Zone

    Loving Pam in the veil. She reminds me of the NIN video for Perfect Drug I am finding Bill really annoying. Aww lovely Eric. He can lay his head on my lap and I will stroke his hair any day Thought Terry and Arlene's faces during the house cleansing was hilarious. Preview for episode 6 looks interesting
  13. Lady Wolfshead

    Guest Cancellation - Mehcad Brooks

    I would most definitely love to meet Allan Hyde
  14. Lady Wolfshead

    Latest Guest Announcement - MARSHALL ALLMAN

    That was hilarious. Fair play
  15. Lady Wolfshead

    Season 4 Spoiler Zone

    Has anyone see this.... Ep 4 Clip Ahem!