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  1. Heroes and/or Once upon A Time guests
  2. Definitely : Hayden Panettiere, Holly Marie Combs, Christopher Judge (all photoshoots) Maybe : Hayden's autograph and Holly's autograph. It will depends on the money I'll have at this time.
  3. Yeah ! He's a great guest and a very sweet man. It is always a pleasure to meet him :)
  4. I know that Hayden is already great, but I would love to have more Heroes guests !
  5. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh !!!! Great announcement ! So happy to see that before going to sleep ! Thanks SM !
  6. Thank you sooooo much ! So happy to see this announcement !
  7. A Capitol theme where we could dress up as Capitol's citizens would be fun ! I would also love a Game theme (where ME could decide what the arena would be ;p)
  8. Would love to meet Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Emma Caulfield and/or Eliza Dushku :)
  9. Great announcement ! I had the chance to meet him this year and he's very nice :)
  10. Alexis (because I voted for Amy in the Dollhouse poll), Elisabeth and Daniel
  11. Enver (because I choose Eliza in the Buffy poll), Tahmoh (because I already met Fran) and Amy (please !!!!)
  12. Emma, Eliza and Leonard (mostly because he was in Heroes too ;p)
  13. My wishlist would be for guests I've never met: - Amy Acker - Alexis Denisof - Eliza Dushku - Anyone from Dollhouse as the show has not been well represented yet in previous Hallowhedons (Alan Tudyk was more a Firefly guest) For guests I already met but who were amazing: - J. August Richards - James Marsters - Stephanie Romanov
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