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  1. lily you were an amazing jane when i saw u i was like WOW i have to get a pic of the 2 janes together! x
  2. I only suggested a sitting area at the night time parties because i just think that would be nice for everyone to see the guests enjoying themselves at the parties too. as i overheard some people saying they hadnt seen the guests at the partys at all but that was because they couldnt walk around without getting crowded . we all had such an amazing time !! you all did a wonderful job and should be very proud of yourselves xxx
  3. minnie jane will be there ! as evil as ever lol sisters gonna do caius we just need to find the rest of the fambo??
  4. i have a couple i will post them when my friend uplaods them onto facebook u both looked brill ! x
  5. Just a suggestion but maybe at future cons the guests could have some tables laid out for them at the night time parties that are sectioned off away from everyone else . that way if they decide to come and join everyone even if its for a little while then they will have a bit of privacy and they wont get crowded by everyone and can enjoy the partys too .??
  6. Oh It was my friend and I. :) Little Jane and little Bella was adorable! When we asked Jane to make a wicked grin, she was superb in this role! I just hope you don't put all the French in the same group. All fans have their own reaction in events. aww was that you? i did give someone my email ad facebook was she with you? do u have facebook? x
  7. i have the twi virus too, and the kids were off school today
  8. sound i will email you for the girls numbers and stuff. well he certainly gained some more this weekend our girls adore him he was so loverly to them and he was the only one who came and spent loads of time with the attendees. only seen charlie and chris showing their faces at the parties xx
  9. well i met a loverly group of french girls and i didnt find them rude at all they were really friendly polite girls .little jane and bella were with us . Im sure there is no animosity towards you and besides that you have just as much right to be there as anyone else ,people come together at these cons because they love twilight and they love meeting up with all their new friends again ,and make lots of new ones at each con.you shouldnt have to appologise for someone elses behavior either .as long as you didnt behave in an appalling manner dont be worrying about what people think of you,im sure some english were just as bad as those french girls .there are good and bad no matter where you live or what language you speak .dont worry about it long as you had a nice time and your coming back for et4 then the uncivilized ones havent achieved anything except make themselves look pathetic xx
  10. See the talk thing he doesn't try to be funny :S that's not why he does long answers, he gives long answers cus he tries to give you the full process of his thoughts, we interviewed him and he went way over the time he was meant to because of his long replies and any interview he does if you listen he's the exact same. I REALLY REALLY liked chris but I thought he was rude when he was yawning and stuff with Charlie, you could tell it upset him and that OMG :| it wasn't a group of French girls was it? Cus they were the ones he got dragged away from in the party BTW for those that did find that charlie was cool and if you're not already you should become a bewlier x ohh minnie jane and bella want to join and they want the hoodies to they asked me on sunday when we were waiting for our charlie photo shoot .how do i get those?
  11. omg jemma they are brilliant pics!! xxx
  12. ahhh thanks Rhianydd was loverly having a chat to you xx thanks jemma was gutted the camera died missed so many photo ops would appreciate anyone uploading any pics of our girls they may have, then i can save them for the girls .you were all so loverly to them they were on cloud nine all weekend they thought you were all amazing in your cosplay ! they didnt want to come home xx ohh they will deffo be at the next one rogue ahhh sorry you missed them that room was really dark i couldnt find them myself half the time. she went over to christopher and said "this may hurt just a little "his face was a picture he acted all scared was so funny .they both do act so shes had plenty of practise i dont know how she did it myself though i didnt see her smile on one picture all night .her feet were killing her but she kept puttin her shoes back on when anyone asked for a photo shes a little trouper .xx
  13. ohhh im very depressed and very tired ! we had to leave early after the talks because minnie jane and bella were knackered we near had to drag them cause they didnt want to leave you all they had such an amazing time xx
  14. i have just gathered the hoop in the middle of it and tied mine? x dont know wether this may help but i have a silk black corset ? its not an under bust one but you could wear it that way as well just pull it down it should look ok over a top .do you want me to bring it anyway ?xx yankees is fine i dont take sides after watching north and south i couldnt possibly choose between orry and george lol you will look great i cant wait ahhhh cept im panicking over the snow!its really bad ! r u all on facebook? xxxx Hey! Ohhh thank you so much but no I should be ok. Oh yep I'm on facebook. Just search Dayna Harding-Hubbard and you'll find me. Ugh really hope the snow goes. Has been snowing quite a bit here! hiya added you on facebook chick,i know its white out there what ever last min running round i had to do im not gonna bother now hope the roads clear its still a bit manic at the mo have a safe journey c u later xx
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