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  1. Excellent! Just saw Hoot Gibson and Rhea Seddon strolling around the hotel too.
  2. Just confirming - what time does the drinks reception get under way and where in the hotel will it take place? Thank guys :)
  3. The photos were printed straight away last year and so I would presume this year will be the same.
  4. - Any Mercury-Gemini-Apollo-Skylab era space guest - Any Breaking Bad guest (Giancarlo Esposito is attending LFCC in July and he'd be a perfect fit for this show too)
  5. Will Bruce be doing a photo-shoot either day? Can't see it available to purchase on the photo-shoots page.
  6. Just one more question guys (as you can see I like to be organised!) Is there a dress code for the Friday drinks reception?
  7. Hi guys, Is it possible to purchase tickets for the Friday drinks reception without having to buy one of the VIP tickets? And how much does the Drinks Reception on Friday cost? Shane
  8. So my feet are back down to Earth after my 4th Autographica. What a fantastic weekend, everything was as good as expected (and then some) and it won't be forgotten for some time to come. I brought my girlfriend Demi over for her first show and she loved it (getting some male attention from a couple of astronauts too no less). We flew over from Dublin (very) early on Saturday morning and looked around the hotel for a bit. I did the Cernan, Cunningham and Schweickart photo-shoots - couldn't afford the group astronaut shot unfortunately. The hotel was as brilliant as ever and very easily accessible. We got our room key at midday on Saturday and threw some stuff up. There didn't seem to be quite as many dealers there as usual (or maybe it was just the different room which made it look that way). Over the entire weekend, I only got autographs from Walt Cunningham (Apollo 7 staring at model litho), Rusty Schweickart (WSS litho) and Bond actor Bruce Glover. All personalized to me. I would've bought a Cernan autograph but decided to attend his Sunday lecture instead. What a treat that was - probably the best astronaut talk I have ever heard. Myself and Demi chatted with Walt and his lovely wife Dot for a while in the bar on the Sunday evening after things had been wrapped up - what a lovely, down to Earth couple! On Saturday evening I got an autograph and photo with Bruce Glover (Diamonds Are Forever). An eccentric man but so nice and easy to talk to. Overall a fantastic weekend. Kudos to the Showmasters guys for making it happen - I hope myself and Demi get over to London in March. As long as the Apollo guys are willing to come over, there will be huge interest in Autographica - here's to the next 19 shows!
  9. With regards Evander's photoshoot, I wonder will he be open to doing a boxing pose (fist in the air) or just a normal standing pose? Sounds like a silly question but for £50 I'd want to be happy with the photo and you never know what sort of feasible requests these big celebs are capable of turning down! (No pretending to bite his ear off though,I promise...)
  10. What about George Johnson's details?
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