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  1. Sorry but I think that's a little unfair , but please don't take that personally x
  2. Sorry if I made it hard to understand according to Birmingham collectormaina sites: I have already brought tickets to this event if I wish to go to the games expo I will have to pay 5 pounds to enter that event after 1 o'clock but if I had purchased a games expo ticket first I would get into collectormaina for free after 1 o'clock - how can this be right in my eyes it should be the same for each show after 1 o'clock please explain why .... many thanks again x
  3. Hi may I ask a question please if you were to buy a games expo ticket according to there site you can gain access to collectormaina for free after 1 o'clock but we the collectormaina customers are being charged five pounds for after 1 o'clock to games expo many thanks x
  4. Yeah i missed it to as i couldnt find the stairs to get up to that level even three blue shirts didnt know either 😢 x
  5. Yeah she was really nice and she came across as she really apperciated her fans x
  6. Still in the queue to get in been here since 8:05 and my photo shoot with SW is at 9:30 any ideas and if i rearrange my plan of action i am gonna miss MJF talk as i have diamond passes for both and i am only here today cheers x
  7. Sorry JayBenoit but i experianced a similar thing i too ordered my MJF diamond pass on the 17 of April and its a no show and order my SW diamond pass the day after she was confirmed as attending and i have recieve that one.I emailed the showmasters shop explaining how i was concerned that has my MJF pass been sent to a wrong address or just lost in the post and a lovely person called Mara said that my MJF pass will be avaible to collect at the show as they didnt have my address on file but i couldnt understand that as i already have my SW pass but it is a great piece of mind knowing that it hasnt been lost maybe you could emailed the shop and ask like i did x
  8. Thank you again Queen Sindel please dont think i am a sarcastic wanna be know it all cause that isnt me i guess its me worrying way too much but thats my OCD.And also hopefully this will be my last question for tonight PROMISE - both of my diamond passes are batch one MJF and SW if i manage to shuffle photo shoots round could i join there batch two photo shoots if the batch two shoots are happening on the Saturday later in the day.My sincere aplogises if this is hard to understand and again many thanks for all the help x
  9. Thanks Queen Sindel i do hope they can help .I am alittle disappointed that i wont be able to get my tombstone piccy as i am only attending Saturday and also has anyone had an email from showmaster stating that either they didnt have your address or have time to post your diamond pass? As i cant understand that really as i order my MJF diamond on the 17th of April and thats a no show yet and i recieved my Sigourney diamond pass and only ordered that middle of last month? .Does my logic not compute ? But any how well done showmasters with all you have managed to achieve for this event x
  10. Sorry and also am i completely blind i cant seem to see a prop photoshoot for the BTTF Tombstone on Saturday please help and my aplogises if i do need new specs x
  11. Sorry if this has been covered before but as i am only attending Saturday if i speak to a crew member at the MJF signing and explain that i also have a Sigourney Diamond pass will they try and help me through quicker so i dont get to miss the Aliens talk many thanks x x
  12. Boo hoo no Micheal diamond pass for me in the post surely i should have received it by now i did place my order the day after he was confirm to come over.I know people will say dont worry you can pick it up at the show but i am the worrying kind and my Sigourney pass show up and i ordered that four days after she was confirmed, lets hope tomorrow is a good day for me x x
  13. Alase Collectorbob no show on my Micheal J Fox diamond pass here hoping that tomorrow is my day x x
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