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  1. Think the 'ol Cylon will be able to come out to play again next year. Seemed to go down quite well in August and I was all chuffed when more than a few folk expressed their delight at seeing a "Proper Cylon" at the event. And with luck I'll be using the Imperial Royal Guard for the first time at a Collectomania event(just to add a splash of well needed colour amongst the ranks of stormtroopers!)
  2. That's good to know!My local radio stations and a certain well known station are usually very good at the advertising for this but nothing that I've seen/heard this year!Not to worry as it'll be a laugh as always I'm sure!
  3. With a little over a week to go has anyone seen or heard any advertising for this years event as I've seen/heard diddly squat so far myself!
  4. Just joined up on these boards to keep up with what'll be happening at this August's Collectormania in Glasgow. Being with the UK Garrison(TK6598) I'll be delighted to see any Star Wars actors.Last year as you know Jeremy Bulloch was there and you could not meet a nicer guy. Put that conceited p**** Anthony Daniels to utter shame. I'll be there this August and I'll have my Cylon Centurion armour on so of course any actors from either series of BSG would be a huge bonus for me.Wish I had the Cylon last year so I could have had a pic or two taken with Dirk Benedict. Looking forward to seeing you guys in August-I'll be the silver dude with the warbling sounds coming from him!
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