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  1. foundmyedward

    Guilty confession

    I definitely agree!!
  2. foundmyedward


    Flying from Ireland and hoping the same...
  3. foundmyedward

    Just wanted to say...

    Awh thanks for all the warm wishes guys make me feel all fuzzy inside
  4. foundmyedward

    Just wanted to say...

    ....That I hope everyone has a fab time on Friday night and that the 'goldies' have a wicked drinks reception with the guests, lucky ducks!!! While you're schmoozing with the celebs I'll be at my wedding... which has lots of Twi-inspired bits in it btw! Wish I could have some of the amazing Twi folk I've met at the Proms and ET2 there on the day, see you on Saturday afternoon at some point with my 'Edward' aka Joey! -Jo <3
  5. foundmyedward

    Group 14

    Myself and my husband-next-friday are also in group 14! Hi everyone
  6. foundmyedward


    Absolutely delighted with this, won't be there till saturday afternoon due to small matter of a WEDDING on friday but we only miss autographs coz we're group 14 and they can be done on sunday and all our photos are on sunday, happy days!!! thanks sm, looking forward to honeymooning with you
  7. foundmyedward

    Photo question

    The wedding of course! Am slightly bummed that I'll miss the opening ceremony tho. I get to stay for the Sunday night this time tho which I've never been able to do before, so that's cool :)
  8. foundmyedward

    Photo question

    Awessoommmeeee :) They'll jazz up the wedding album I'm sure hehe
  9. foundmyedward

    Photo question

    Yeah would be purchasing as we only have standard tix. So would we get 2 copies of the pic then? Sorry David for annoying questions, lol just trying to figure out money and stuff >.<
  10. foundmyedward

    Photo question

    Just wondering if you can pay for one pic but have 2 people in it?? For example, if Joey and I have one ticket between us for a pic with Charlie let's say, can we both get in or do we need to have bought a photo ticket each? Would rather just have pics of both of us with the guests :) Thanks in advance, not long now!
  11. foundmyedward

    Latest Guest Announcement: Jamie Campbell Bower

    Very well done SM, the more vamps the better
  12. foundmyedward


    Fantastic guest SM, delighted :) She's so pretty and a lovely singer, a performance would be awesome :)
  13. Got mine this morning, thank you Jola! ST 140 & 141... weeeeee! xD
  14. foundmyedward