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  1. Im stupidly excited about crewing this event, its my first time crewing for SM. Im sure all you guys with experience are currently placing bets on how long the noobs last but for me, this sounds awesome! Look forward too seeing you all there :)
  2. very well written. i remember when i had my photo with him. cueing for ages and pondering the whole time 'what the hell do i say too William freaking shatner?!? worried i stepped up to the line, barely got out 'hello sir' when FLASH 'NEEXXXTT'. dammit. still, everyone i know then heard for the next few months how i actually met William shatner and how amazing it was.
  3. damn i saw the blu ray comp too late. ill have to remortgage and buy it lol
  4. How amazing is this?? Well done LFCC. My girlfriend was umming and arghing about wether we were going or not this year (whether SHE was going or not) and this has made her mind up! See you all there.
  5. Pictures people! Let us see your works of art in progress :)
  6. Well, you ARE female! AMIRITE GUYS!!?? guys....gu... ill get my coat. Lol because you made me laugh, I'll forgive you. way too a woman's heart so im told....like there's anything interesting THERE! Pfffttt
  7. This is a great idea!!! This is not... IT IS. ok....*runs and hides....*
  8. Sets and props was a great addition this year! Ill be honest the first year i came i was expecting too see more of that and i dont recall any. Keep up the good work!
  9. Is there no official videos of this event being released?
  10. This is a great idea!!! This is not...
  11. Well, you ARE female! AMIRITE GUYS!!?? guys....gu... ill get my coat.
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