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  1. Eric Breker Garry Chalk Chuck Campbell (Yes I know he was here last time but he's AWESOME) Dan Payne Paul McGillion Kavan Smith Rainbow Sun Franks Mitch Pileggi Robert Patrick Rachel Luttrell Now for the "I'd love to but we need more ticket sales" list. RDA Amanda Tapping David Hewlett Joe (Does my hair look ok) Flanigan Jason Momoa Robert Carlyle Ming-Na Wen
  2. Do it, it's great fun. If I can get to this I'll be doing AOS in either the Suit or Black Op's.
  3. AOS Cosplay anyone. Now the question is Suited and booted or Black Ops??
  4. Will be great to have a talk to a fellow Geordie. NUFC and England legend. Hope to get a photo shoot and auto off him!
  5. Will be great to have a talk to a fellow Geordie. NUFC and England legend.
  6. Cant' wait to meet Ralph. Karate Kid and Enter the Dragon are the reason i started Martial Art's up all those years ago. Got my 1st Dan and still enjoying it to this day, I just hope that SM let me do the pose I want to do as it's an ongoing thing me and friends do at every Convention / Signing Event we meet up at!! "Wax On, Wax Off".
  7. Early bird for Saturday and photo with Ralph Macchio booked.
  8. Good call, now how about some of the other guys from the movies? Martin Kove again would be cool and William Zabka.
  9. The guy is a LEGEND! Love my photo shoot with him, he had to get on his Tip Toes for it which then became the running joke for the rest of the weekend! He walked past us at one point saying "these guys rock" to which the yell of Tip Toes rang out and he actually got on his tip toes and walked away!! Auto was equally as good as he posed for a "arm wrestling" shot with me over the table, we chatted about being in Vancouver whilst filming the last 2 episodes of Arrow. To which he told us we should of come and watched, gutted is an understatement how I felt about that! Should be meeting Paul Blackthorne next month so will do the same photo shoot with him as according to David he's slightly taller!!
  10. i just wanna say David Ramsey was awesome. Very chatty and actually made me feel tall in my photo shoot by going onto his tip toes for it. Not easy as I'm 5ft 6 and he's 6ft 3. Running joke for the rest of the weekend was shouting "Tip toes" every time we walked past or he walked past us, he even got up onto his tip toes as he walked past us!! LEGEND! Didn't have any issues with any staff members at all this time, although some don't seem to have a sense of humor at all. But as I steward for other events I know it can be a long day so can forgive them! Had to smile at the Information Booth, one young guy who kept shouting Cash or Card, he looked totally confused when I shouted "Tango" after he shouted "Cash"!! But I guess that's an age thing!! :-)
  11. I've scanned all of mine from all Signing events and Conventions and they've come out great. And it doesn't damage the photo's one little bit!
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