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  1. same here! I like Tony Head but already met him + not enough to bring me coming there especially 'cause I don't live in the UK *LYVIE*
  2. Yes please I 2nd you!Need Buffy/Angel cast!Showmasters HELP!!! *LYVIE*
  3. can't wait!!!please more Buffy/Angel guests!more more more!!! I'm crazy! *LYVIE*
  4. hi Showmasters, just wondering if more guests can be announced soon or this guest is definitely the last one? of course I know you can invite another guest at the last minute for replacement but I am really wondering. please answer, thanks, *LYVIE*
  5. I'm afraid there won't be a lot of guests coming more - I saw the list,a lot have been announced this week & I know Collectormania runs about 30 guests.I know a few more can be announced yet but I was hoping more Buffy/Angel guests & I don't think it'd would for C9 no way runs on C10 then! *LYVIE*
  6. David Boreanaz,James Marsters & Rose McGowan but I still can dream!!! *LYVIE*
  7. it's Julie for me as well as I'm a huge Buffy & Angel fan & I missed her last time at C8 too *LYVIE*
  8. I think we'd know the dates for each guests around the end of March early April. *LYVIE*
  9. - Charisma Carpenter - Clare Kramer - Alexis Denisof - Amber Benson - Tom Lenk - Mark Lutz - Mercedes McNab .../... no!I'm not crazy about Buffy & Angel!!! I hope more Buffy/Angel guests for C9... *LYVIE*
  10. Hi guys, it's a question about buses... Last time I went to C8 I took EasyBus which drove me to MK central.This year unfortunately they don't drive to MK anymore so I have to take another bus called National Express but on the dates for C9 I checked & they'd only stop at the Coachway MK which's quite far from the centre.It seems also quite lost around the road...just want to know if the bus does stop at a station where I can have a taxi or a cab?if when I get back if I can take a taxi or a cab from MK central near the shopping centre?Thanks for your help,at the moment I haven't decided if I'm going or not because of this problem.I'm not from the UK which doesn't help. Thanks so much!! *LYVIE*
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