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    98 days?? wohhoo.. and i haven't ticket (and money) yet..
  2. venom90

    Big movie guest or a Cullen?

    I prefer a big twilight star, because the convention is about Twilight, like i read before, maybe you can have movie stars for LFCC or collectormania :)
  3. venom90

    heard wrong or imagine it

    I'd be interested with guests not cold anymore
  4. venom90

    Post Your Pics!

    loool..are amazing!! love it! and charlie is so nice with his fans :)
  5. venom90

    Post Your Pics!

    lol..i have 13 pictures but i upload 9 because looks very similar.. my favorites are with Charlie, of course the end
  6. venom90

    Tomorrow :)

    aaaagh.. stress stress stress..I finished "packing" this morning but i forgot to many things and I opened the luggage 20 times...and now I have the feeling that i forget something very important.. >.<
  7. venom90

    my thoughts before the weekend

    thanks for the message and of course by organise the convention See you this amazing weekend
  8. venom90

    Group c

    my bestfriend and sister are in this group :) ticket num. 114 & 115
  9. venom90

    Gold drink reception

    Nooop! Normal clothes :)
  10. venom90

    party drinks

    If that is what it says, I guess it must be right? The Hilton is very expensive, So most people take their own i'm looking in this website: http://www.drinkfinder.co.uk/search.asp?ty...es&type=Rum but for buy in a supermarket not in the hilton.. :) haha.. thanks maybe I take from home
  11. venom90

    party drinks

    I'm looking the prices of the alcohol in internet, becuase i'm from Spain and i don't know anything about this.....the site says 15 pounds for a malibu's bottle, and some like this, this is true? Thanks
  12. venom90

    Gil Birmingham at ET4?

    I prefer repeat a Guest (if is Charlie or Gil) that haven't 7.. I know some people don't like this, but i don't understand why prefer have 6 guests and not 7 or 8..
  13. venom90

    Eternal Twilight 4

    the photos usually costs 10 or 15 pounds each one
  14. venom90

    party drinks

    hey!! The golden recepcion have free drink in friday night..but it's only for golden tickets for the partys, usually they have a bar and the costs of the each drink are 4 or 5 pounds :) ( some drinks that they say, i don't know how much cost the others drinks) hope answer your question