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  1. I've been Good, I've been consumed in A-Levels, so I've had hardly any time D: I'm currently neglecting my English homework to go on the computer Yeah totally and maybe I won't scream like last time but still it's more than likely to happen
  2. I feel new posting on here again, it's been bloody years Does anybody know when they're getting down on Friday or is it too early to ask, I know Jemma is getting down at 17:30 or so but what about everybody else?
  3. Screw Peter Andre I want the guy in the amazing hat in the 1st picture :L
  4. http://www.tennentsvital.com/lineup/tuesday_23rd_august I'm so happy!!! Not a fan of the script of two door cinema club! Ok I needed to express this :L
  5. Thanks I must now find money to buy some scrubs and a wig You must go! If not for the bands then me, I'll be there in spirit through you at least :L
  6. Yes please Becky but Now I can't talk to you, YOU'RE GOING TO READING!!!!!! And I can't even go to Oxygen In Dublin :'( Ok this once I'll forgive you, I'm just extremely jealous!
  7. Hello All, I haven't been on here in ages >< Anyway, sorry but this is random but Happy Late Birthday You two , it's totally passed that time frame where you can say it but still ^^ I watched the Breaking Dawn Trailer, exciting it looks good Oh and I saw John Bishop the comedian and died he was so good So any craic?
  8. I'd love to but I'm a struggling 17 year old who doesn't want to wrok in the shop around the corner because the owner is evil...not evil more a miser My life sounds like a small violin should be playing XD
  9. You can borrow my hair if you like ...Actually No I kinda need it and it's not long enough yet to reach London I want me to come too!!! Can't even go see Marcus Foster because Open House Festival makes 2 gigs overs 16s and then the rest over 18s, saddness
  10. Damn you English people, damn you all, I can't be going to any 100 monkeys gig because my citys that crap Anyway my sisters jealous of your cosplay Holly, she nearly launched through the computer screen >< And Yey Becky, have you had an apply yet, you're apparenty meant to do that...so says my English teacher anyway
  11. Yeah you're right, you look horrific xD *jokes*
  12. I think I know the one in the back right, I know that's geographically impossible but she looks like somebody I know but they're cute
  13. I feel I have not contributed to this in a long time but thaat's mostly because I now have no life due to exams and orals and trying to flick from from French to Spanish in a matter a minutes So how are we all?
  14. Oh dear Lord I want to kill Rebecca Black But we were singing that all day
  15. £30?! Jesus ours are £19. Apparently A-Levels are the hardest thing to do in your life but at least there are resits (: God 11 U's, is the teacher bad too? God a bike holiday Emily, that would kill me...and I'd also have to learn how to ride a bike :L Was it fun? I got a printer too today! Haven't had a working one in about a year, so very pleased
  16. Awh Nooo! Are you ok about it? Don't feel so bad, my friend got a U in her AS Biology moduele the other day and means she has to resit (:
  17. I have internet back!!! I now own a new computer I'm far too out of the loop with whats going on so fill me in (:
  18. Oh God you're all fighting over men now Awk well Cedric is welcome I twill but my internets going to run out soon :'( Its already stole some of my money
  19. I'm in the airpolrt and feel like I'm going to a con 8instead of Amsterdam, awk wells I need to get back on here I miss too much :/ Anyway catch me up people
  20. Well Howdy one and all My cousin had a baby and I saw him toda and he's so adorable No speaky German Holly or I whip out my Spanish question and boom your ass So what's been happening with everyone, feels like forever...even though the con only ended like a week ago :L
  21. I'd say nice costumes but I've seen them all already and complimented you too I booked John Bishop tickets! ...I must say, I kinda fancy him, even if he is old enough to be my dad
  22. I've got things to wear! Its my prom dress from ET2 and some random floral thing, I'm too frazzled to try and go shopping Best to ask Holly on the Alice front, the extent of my dressing up is a party hat
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