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  1. I've been Good, I've been consumed in A-Levels, so I've had hardly any time D: I'm currently neglecting my English homework to go on the computer Yeah totally and maybe I won't scream like last time but still it's more than likely to happen
  2. I feel new posting on here again, it's been bloody years Does anybody know when they're getting down on Friday or is it too early to ask, I know Jemma is getting down at 17:30 or so but what about everybody else?
  3. Screw Peter Andre I want the guy in the amazing hat in the 1st picture :L
  4. http://www.tennentsvital.com/lineup/tuesday_23rd_august I'm so happy!!! Not a fan of the script of two door cinema club! Ok I needed to express this :L
  5. Thanks I must now find money to buy some scrubs and a wig You must go! If not for the bands then me, I'll be there in spirit through you at least :L
  6. Yes please Becky but Now I can't talk to you, YOU'RE GOING TO READING!!!!!! And I can't even go to Oxygen In Dublin :'( Ok this once I'll forgive you, I'm just extremely jealous!
  7. Hello All, I haven't been on here in ages >< Anyway, sorry but this is random but Happy Late Birthday You two , it's totally passed that time frame where you can say it but still ^^ I watched the Breaking Dawn Trailer, exciting it looks good Oh and I saw John Bishop the comedian and died he was so good So any craic?
  8. I'd love to but I'm a struggling 17 year old who doesn't want to wrok in the shop around the corner because the owner is evil...not evil more a miser My life sounds like a small violin should be playing XD
  9. You can borrow my hair if you like ...Actually No I kinda need it and it's not long enough yet to reach London I want me to come too!!! Can't even go see Marcus Foster because Open House Festival makes 2 gigs overs 16s and then the rest over 18s, saddness
  10. Damn you English people, damn you all, I can't be going to any 100 monkeys gig because my citys that crap Anyway my sisters jealous of your cosplay Holly, she nearly launched through the computer screen >< And Yey Becky, have you had an apply yet, you're apparenty meant to do that...so says my English teacher anyway
  11. Yeah you're right, you look horrific xD *jokes*
  12. I think I know the one in the back right, I know that's geographically impossible but she looks like somebody I know but they're cute
  13. I feel I have not contributed to this in a long time but thaat's mostly because I now have no life due to exams and orals and trying to flick from from French to Spanish in a matter a minutes So how are we all?
  14. Oh dear Lord I want to kill Rebecca Black But we were singing that all day
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