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  1. Meredith Salenger (Star Wars - The Force Awakens, The Journey of Natty Gann, Dream A Little Dream, The Kiss) Joanna Pacula (The Kiss, Death Before Dishonour, Virus) Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn - Lord of the Rings) Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf - Hobbit / Lord of the Rings) Hope Showmasters can get some or all of these guests at a future event :)
  2. For those who are intrigued, he was at Collectormania 2, back in 2002. In actual fact, he was the person who told me about Collectormania as I missed the first ever event that was held at the shopping centre in Milton Keynes back then. This was a few years before Showmasters moved over to the MK Dons ground. It's a shame that Rutger isn't there other days apart from the Saturday and Sunday. I am away that weekend but will try to see him on the Sunday if possible. He was fantastic in 2002 and I'm sure he'll be the same again :)
  3. Visited Collectormania 23 with my wife for a fun afternoon of wandering around the event. Shame the main hall was double-booked on this occasion though (at least, this was what I heard whilst there today). The marquee where the stalls were was pretty jampacked most of the time - but I managed to get around there a bit later when it was a bit quieter. Some interesting stalls there too with new items this time which had not been seen before. Was tempted on a few items but ended up leaving empty-handed - no fault to any of the stalls or Showmasters though. The weather was a bit rainy, but this was as the forecasts described. I would agree with other posters on this thread about the pinch point next to the cosplay stage. Don't get me wrong, the cosplay stage did look good (we saw the Aragorn/LOTR cosplayer show himself off as we were walking past) but the very small passageway to get through was not good. It seemed silly to have the doors locked of the original walkway though To summarise, we'll certainly be back for future Collectormania events in due course. Personally I have been to most of these since Collectormania #2, when the Dutch acting legend, Rutger Hauer, was there in person to sign autographs. Would love to see him back at some point in the near future too.
  4. Excellent choice of guest SM ! He's a guy I've been wanting to meet for a number of years now. He's been in a fair number of decent movies even since his fantastic role in Game of Thrones. Check out Shine, where he plays a young David Helfgott (the pianist) and also Flirting, where he's alongside Thandie Newton and Nicole Kidman, amongst a fair amount of cast who used to be in Neighbours, back when Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan were playing characters in the soap. The actress who originally played the role of Pippa in Home&Away is also in the movie too and Noah himself played the teen role of Danny Embling. It's a movie worth watching, that is for sure. Looking forward to seeing him on Sunday at MK :)
  5. Blimey ! Great choice of guest ! I hope his signing rate isn't too pricey though - would be cool if he was also seen with Warwick Davies and Kenny Baker, if those guys are still going too
  6. I hope (and wonder) whether Showmasters would apply a similar ban to their events too, here in the UK ? Here's the article link:- http://blog.sfgate.com/sfmoms/2012/07/11/sad-news-for-geeky-parents-comic-con-introduces-stroller-ban/#6269-4
  7. My wife and I had a good day at Collectormania today - but both of us were not impressed with the lack of available parking, even though I understand this wasn't the fault of Showmasters. We ended up driving around for quite a while, then found an offchance space near to Gate 4, close to the exit but not blocking it entirely - as some had done a little later in the day. The event itself was very busy inside too. We got a virtual queue ticket to get a photo and autograph from Sean Astin. He was very chatty and on the ball - I think he'd got over the jetlag safely enough :) Got a decent photo of him too on my phone, which was cool :) I would suggest that marshalls are brought in to regulate the parking at the next Collectormania event. There seemed to be a lot of people leaving odd-shaped gaps, if they could have parked a bit closer together then that would have helped, I think. All in all, a great day. We have been visiting Collectormania events at MK since the second event, when the Dutch actor, Rutger Hauer, was doing a signing there in person just over 10 years ago.
  8. I'll also echo a number of calls here for Peter Dinklage to appear, though it would be cool also if Emilia Clarke or even (if he dares to :) Jack Gleeson ... I know it'll probably be a bit late if it hasn't already been organised for this particular event, but it would be cool if SM could get the original iron throne from Game of Thrones too. I believe it has been present at non-SM organised events here in UK, but I'm not sure.
  9. Meredith Salenger Corey Feldman Thandie Newton Noah Taylor (Red Dog, Flirting) As many of the cast from 'Game of Thrones' that you can get, including Peter Dinklage and Sean Bean Any of the cast from the classic US medical drama "ER" - Not necessarily George Clooney, but other members of the cast (Anthony Edwards, etc) Rutger Hauer Joanna Pacula
  10. Glad to hear that Tom will be back. He was fantastic the last time he was there, a few years ago. I hope K9 is also with him and that the Dalek Builders Guild make an appearance too ...
  11. Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) and Emilia Clarke (along with other cast if possible) from Game of Thrones. Meredith Salenger (Barriss Offee, Star Wars: The Clone Wars). I'm in touch with her on a fairly regular basis and she'd love to do a UK signing ! It would be good to see Rutger Hauer back too, it's been a long time since his previous signing at Collectormania 2 ... Either to MK or London, I don't mind which :)
  12. I think the prices are fairly reasonable, considering the names in question on the poll. Whilst the events have been improving quite a bit in London, such as this year's LFCC, it would be nice if there could be a mix of stars from today, movies gone by and some of the more obscure bit-part players. The latter, unfortunately, have appeared in my view to dominate recent Collectormania events at Milton Keynes.
  13. I know Meredith would love to do a signing event here in the UK - the main problem is that a lot of her catalogue of work isn't that well-known over here. However, that may change bearing in mind she's been involved with Star Wars: The Clone Wars for the last couple of years or so. She's got a new movie out soon too - 'The Lamp'. It should be available on DVD from the beginning of August, but this will be the US release, so make sure your DVD player can be made multiregion if not already. No idea on whether it'll be released officially here in UK or not. Corey did think it was a good idea to bring Meredith over with him at some point to a future convention though, so we'll have to see how their schedules go. Felice.
  14. This was the first ever LFCC I had attended - after having previously just attended the Collectormania events held in Milton Keynes over the years. I have to say that LFCC was perfect in every way. My wife and I visited as we were also there to see Corey Feldman, we got to speak with him for a few minutes too. I was glad to see plenty of space between the stalls and had no feeling at all of being hemmed in, anywhere. The Gaming Zone was also fantastic, nice to see the older retro platforms alongside current-gen kit. I must say that the guests (including Corey) were of a very high quality, much better than some more recent CM:MK events I had been to. Yes, we had to pay to get in which again wasn't a problem, also the cost of buying soft drinks was not too unreasonable for Earl's Court, either. All in all, we are glad that we visited and we may well attend future events in London as and when they occur.
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