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  1. Rosalind Chao Penny Johnson Ken Marshall Wallace Shawn
  2. Fab guest, lovely guy to talk. Wish I had another photo shoot with him. Maybe Kevin Chapman would be another Person of Interest guest?
  3. I think this part is freaking people out "YOU MUST CLICK THIS BUTTON ON THE LEFT! By ticking this box you agree that you have clicked the E-Ticket Validation button on the left and added it to your basket at a charge of £2.50. All tickets must be purchased with an E-Ticket Validation. Orders without an E-Ticket Validation will not be valid at the show and can be cancelled without notice or refunds. Please make sure you have added E-Ticket Validation to your order before continuing. <-- YOU MUST CLICK THIS BUTTON ON THE LEFT!"
  4. I finally got around to ordering my Buzz photoshoot, I am really looking forward to it.
  5. I had 2 photos taken between 12 and 1 and nether where back by the time I left at just before 6pm. I get the feeling to many photos where sold to be processed in time.
  6. I made an address mistake on my order and I emailed info @ collectormania about it just after I made the order, should I contact anyone else?
  7. Any chance of getting Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Game of Thrones)?
  8. My ticket hasn't arrived yet and it was ordered on the 27th, any idea on what I should do? Also do I get the postage cost back?
  9. How about Dexter Fletcher? Band of Brothers, Lock Stock, Kick Ass, Stardust, Bugsy Malone.
  10. When did Nicki Clyne & Robert Duncan McNiell change days, website says Friday - Monday, here has them as Saturday - Monday?
  11. Not sure, how you can call a guest cancelling for an event you didn't even go to a "let down". I had a fun weekend and the group photo made up for the loss of Craig.
  12. That's a hard one, I would say it's between Mark Sheppard and Jamie Bamber. Mark because he remembered me (that said I have met him about 6 times now). Jamie because he took interested in my R3 Band of Brothers box set which he hadn't seen before and talked a little how filming on Law & Order was going.
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