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  1. Anyone travelling from the Wirral?

    Thanks but i am meeting frends in liverpool but thank you
  2. Anyone travelling from the Wirral?

    Eastham geting the 7:15 at liverpool get to manchester for 8:00 at liverpool and 8:30 on sundayget there 9:3
  3. Good moring just what to know if any 1 is coming from the wirral or liverpool. PS. If you are how are you getting there. I am getting train from liverpool on saturday and sunday see you all there.
  4. sords

    can u help if any 1 can think what the shops where that sold swords i was at G-Mex 2 and was looking at sords but can not remember what that shops names where can u help thanks ps yes swords lol lol
  5. Name change?

    Hi all well I have a look and that name has bin change to Manchester Central http://www.gmex-micc.co.uk/ and i wish I could have gone to MK to
  6. Group photos

    thanks i will have a look
  7. Group photos

    sorry 4 being mis-leading i am looking 4 a cast photo of allo allo if any 1 can help
  8. Counting Backwards

  9. Group photos

    Hi all i am looking 4 the company that was at the gmx selling the big photos of tv shows cast on them E.g. Stargate and prison brake does any one know what there website is of name and number and if they will be at Milton Keynes. Thanks you
  10. Hello from me

    only winding you up mate i know so u all have a good time and drink a lot i see
  11. Hello from me

    Your that 13 year who was buying swords right lol 21 i am and i spent 497.20 good week end talk to u all soon
  12. Hello from me

    Hi all it is Gavin the guy with 2 swords and would not go a way lol nice meating u talk soon
  13. Autograph pack PRIZE DRAW...

    hi it is gavin dodd
  14. Coming From Liverpool

    4 got to say what time i am going i am going at 7:00am on the saturday and 8:30 on sunday see u all there
  15. Just what to know if any one is coming from Liverpool And how people are getting there I am going on the Saturday and Sunday by train just asking what time people they are leave to get there. See u all there 7 DAYS TO GO