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    Who else caught Peter's cold?

    I'm at the cough stage =]
  2. rosiealmulla

    Event Photos

    Me and my mate found a pack of photos. Were they left outside the Park Inn on a bench? We gave them to members of the crew, so just contact them and you'll get them back =] Hope they're yours!
  3. rosiealmulla

    Prom/Casino Themed Party

    I'm wearing a floor length dress! It's a bridesmaid dress, because my sister got married at Christmas =] I figured I wouldn't really get to wear it again, so it's coming to the Prom Party with me =D
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    That's really heartfelt, well done!
  5. rosiealmulla


    That was really wonderful- well done! It's amazingly written, really how I imagined it should have been =]
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    Thank-you!! =]
  7. rosiealmulla

    fanfic entry -

    That was a really good idea! Very well written =]
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    You're right, we do under-value the humans =] Love the happy ending!
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    This is from Sam Uley's point of view =] Hope you enjoy it! My eyes found her face. I was so unused to anything hurting me in this tougher body that when I felt adoration and shame punch into my stomach, I tensed with the effort of not moaning. Leah introduced Emily. Automatically, I reached forward to shake her hand, dropping my girlfriend’s to do so and actually gasped at the soft touch. Shame stabbed at me again. Emily’s eyes were so clear, I was sure she knew by the heat in my cheeks what I could only tell from sneaking the briefest of glances into the soul of her eyes; that through some horrible twist of fate it didn’t matter what I felt for her cousin behind me; what mattered was that I didn’t leave Emily’s side. The realisation made me tremble and Emily’s eyes widened with surprise as I tightened my grip in an effort to gain control. With no explanation I fled the room. I felt like the handshake had been a kiss, the most passionate of my life, with which I betrayed the girl I was sure I loved. I heard Leah excuse me, and in my mind’s eye Emily stood as I had left her, hand still outstretched to take mine. Her family would think it was shock. I knew she was waiting until I returned. Harry, seeing my tremors, already had answers in his face when he found me. “So, what are we talking here? Love at first sight, realising your life’s meaning, knowing true contentment?†“Something like that,†I muttered. “It’s rare among wolves, but heard of. I can’t really blame you. It’s called imprinting.†“Of course you can blame me, I’ve just... I have control over my own feelings!†Harry laughed. Seriously, he laughed as though I were entertaining ridiculous preconceptions. “No you don’t. Imprinting is instinct. Irrevocable. I won’t condemn you for loving Emily.†“I will.†Within seconds, I had phased, running to rid myself of burning guilt. I can’t remember where I ran, how long. But I remember the desperation that grew the further I ran from her; the anguish as I stopped, realised I was at the wrong home; thinking I should go to Leah; pushing open the door to go and see Emily instead. I re-emerged hours later, after the sun had disappeared. Perhaps leaving Emily was why the sun had disappeared. I could hardly tell in my confusion. I left, knowing that I would be back the next day. I knew I couldn’t explain to Leah that, despite all I had promised her and the hatred I felt for myself realising I had lied without knowing it, loving her wasn’t enough. Not for the first time, I wished she were a wolf, so she would know my thoughts, how sorry I was. But Emily was in my every thought now and Leah probably wouldn’t, couldn’t, listen. As a talisman to my overwhelming remorse, I whispered one word the whole night long. It stopped me howling to the high heavens. “Emily.†Rosie Al-Mulla {17}
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    Haha, great twist!
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    Hahaha great idea =D Loved it!!
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    That was pretty mint! Well expressed =]
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    This was a mint idea! Truly inspired =] Well done
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    Best last line of anything ever =]