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  1. Forum Name Allieandra Real Name Alexandra Age/Location 26/Leeds What Ticket have you got/getting? Standard for the first time Most wanted guest for Hallowhedon 6? Other Hallowhedons attended 2-5 (3 only slightly) Hotel? Con Facebook/Twitter etc Allieandra Favourite Movie? Fido Favourite Other TV Show(s)? Top Model Favourite Music? Classic rock/hair metal Anything else we need to know? I've started making my own vintage style clothing Photo?
  2. Slightly concerned that my card expires before the con, but assume it'll be okay? I know I could phone to check, but massive phone phobia keeps making me put it off!
  3. S26! Only booked it on Friday!
  4. @Allieandra (locked account as don't want family/work viewing)
  5. Forum Name - Allieandra Real Name - Alexandra Age/Location - 23 (24 in May)/Leeds What Ticket have you got/getting? Hopefully getting gold Most wanted guest for Hallowhedon 4?? Sean Maher! Did you Attend any other Hallowhedon, If so which ones? HW2 and dropped in on Sunday afternoon of HW3 Hotel? - Hopefully con hotel Facebook/MySpace etc - fb = /Allieandra Twitter (and most others)= @Allieandra Tumblr = thirdflower Chat Email (MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc) - Favourite Movie? House On Haunted Hill (1999) Favourite Other TV Show? Torchwood Favourite Music? Rock/metal Anything else we need to know? Keep me away from the wine. It never ends well... Photo?: and one where you can see me better [warning, without makeup] CLICK
  6. Neil Patrick Harris Seth Green Eliza Dushku James Marsters Tom Lenk Nathan Fillion Olivia Williams J August Richards
  7. I'd suggest asking the driver to let you know when you get to the stop. I did that for H2.
  8. THIS!! great guest though! 3rded. Shall have to hope for a lottery win before then...
  9. Had a quick chat with him at end of show on Saturday and he said he was going on a Nicholas Brendon hunt that evening!
  10. James Moran was wandering around for most of the day.
  11. could always post a photo of yourself on here with a request saying 'come talk to me if you see me'?
  12. I thought I'd put up all my photos, but you're the second person whose contacted me to say theirs were missing. What were you wearing? Then I can have look through the photos on my pc and see if I can find them. I was wearing a little black dress. The photos were with Jemz (red dress) and Malcolm. There was also the funny close up of James Moran that Andrew took, but don't imagine you want that on your site! There are 3 with me in up there,but others were taken.
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