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  1. Come on ME!!! How can people buy tickets for8.3 when its not on the website!!!! It wasn't even publicised at LFCC. What's going on. Is it cancelled????
  2. I missed my photo shoot on Sunday with RDA as it took so long to get in and even tho we got there just before it was due close I was told that I had to come back at 3.20. We had to leave before then so asked at the desk for a refund but was told that I had to email showmasters. I have done so but no reply. Looking on the forum, apparently lots of people were getting refunds on the day. How is this fair???? Why some and not others. Come on showmasters. Step up. I'm not going away!!!
  3. Yes. Why hasn't the massive events website been updated yet??? This is. Worrying!!!
  4. Can we please please get RDA. Missed my photo shoot at lfcc as I couldn't get into the venue on time and I was gutted. 😁😁
  5. How about Colin Cunningham?? He's doing a great job at the moment in Falling Skies and would b a brilliant guest
  6. How about ' Oma Desala ' . Wouldn't be awesome to have an ancient at Chevron ?!?"
  7. Really sorry that Dan had to cancel, was looking forward to meeting him but understand that he has to work. having Suanne in his place is just fantastic, have not met her and she' a fab baddie, going to be fun with Ba'al and Hathor together. well done ME for getting it together 2 days before the event
  8. really looking forward to this one, Cliff Simon, such a baddie, can't wait. not been to the hilton at birmingham before so excited bout new hotel, i know, very sad but dont get out much see everyone on friday
  9. As Martin Wood unfortunately cancelled, is there any news on a replacement or any extra guests, really hoping for an announcement soon!!!
  10. such a shame Martin has had to cancel, i was really looking forward to meeting him. So... who would you like to see in his place!!!! Maybe Neil Jackson ( son of Anubis ) Robert Picardo , Tony Amendola would be awesome, but another Stargate lady would be great, maybe, Claudia Black or Morena Baccarin, i know, its a long shot but we can hope
  11. teresaw


    looking forward to meeting up with buddies from last chevron, especially Kelly and Claire and making new ones, so excited about this con some fab guests attending and the sunday night quiz/party. had to leave early last time so missed out but definately making sure i stay this time. heard it was a scream not long now
  12. what great news. can we get Dan Shea and Martin to pose with their oversized wrenches!!!! seriously, really pleased that martin will be attending, turning out to be a fantastic line up. well done ME.
  13. thanks. hope so. very excited bout all the fab guests. gonna be awesome
  14. can anybody tell me if, having bought a gold ticket, does this cover all guest signings and photo shoots? it does say on ticket packages that it's up to 6 signings, but as this the first chevron that has more than 6 guests will we be expected to pay extra for the other 2 / 4 guests? not sure whats the deal
  15. teresaw

    hotel code

    heh, does anybody know if the hotel code has been released yet for chevron 7.9
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